To VM or Not to VM

With Phippsy this was straight forward, in terms of running in a VM. He was running Linux, and Visual Studio 2008 Express and XNA Game Studio 3.1 runs under Windows. So we decided to use VirtualBox to run the VM for Phippsy. But for me it wasn’t as clear. I am running Windows 7 and can run Visual Studio Professional 2008 and XNA Game Studio 3.1 natively. But it was one area we knew might come back to bight us, a common operating environment.

I installed the Windows version of VirtualBox, created the same Windows environment Phippsy has

Why this environment, other than Windows XP, which we both had licences for, the others are free to download. The VM would not be clogged up with too much bloat from miscellaneous programs, but enough to keep the environment secure, and the most important part, they are identical (other than the host operating system). I am sure there are some minor differences under the hood but the code Phippsy runs, will be able to run on mine with no surprises.


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