First Solo Game

Well this isn’t really what I was eventually planning for when starting this blog post. But due to circumstances well beyond my control, and my personal opinion it having to do more with fear than anything I am developing my very first solo game unassisted (meaning no tutorials to follow or typing code that exists.)

It is for an assignment for the Certificate II in IT, Game Programming that I am doing at AIE. The game is an Asteroids clone, and I was not departing too far from the traditional but I feel I have enough to make the game feel like my own.

This is the game, I have my background image, the asteroids floating around, my ship, which is also another gripe I have. There is currently sound, music and as you can see it increments the lives and points as you destroy the asteroids. I will post more of it online as after I receive the mark for it. But right now I will just keep this.


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