Nearly Complete

Well last time I posted the working of the game for my assignment, the Asteroids Clone. Well I am reporting some more progress in it. The addition screenshots who a new ship, courtesy of Brett Cappello, the inclusion of a high score and also a front menu screen to start the game running.

I have the controls all working as they should; the fire buttons now only fire one projectile at a time, before I was firing two. I also remove the asteroid collision detection as it was getting stuck due to the method I was using. Since it wasn’t a requirement of this assignment (I hope it wasn’t will need to check it again) that the asteroids react when they collide I will leave it at this.

Menu Screen, Click Start and the game will begin, Click Exit and the game will end.

As you can see, the new ship, the rotation of that, please note Michael, and also the asteroids. I will put this up on Facebook for those who might be interested.

High score as you can see is showing the right amount for now, the lives are in the top right hand corner of the screen that also use the new ship shape as well.

I will post it when the game is complete and all handed in.


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