Phippsie’s First Project: Paradroid

I’ve finally decided to take the time to write a journal entry.  Because I’m a linux native, I run my XNA development environment in a Virtual Machine that runs Windows XP.  It took a little bit to make work, with lots of help from Mr Rogers, but now it runs a treat.

So, what is Paradroid?  It’s an old C64 game by Andrew Baybrook.  I have very fond memories of this game from my my childhood, so figured it would be fun to bring to life.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about here it is:

Thankfully, I’ve got a lot of raw material to work from, thanks to a project called Freedroid that brought this classic game to linux.  Unfortunately, a company in the UK called Jester owns the rights to Paradroid, so without making considerable changes to the look and feel of the game, I most likely won’t be able to release the finished product.

Ultimately, my goal is to beef up the original top down view and give it a bit more of a 3D feel using the Sunburn Framework for XNA (here’s an example of what I mean).  But I’ve got a LONG way to go before I can get there.

Currently, I’ve worked out how to place an animated sprite on the screen, and found a tile engine as a basis to draw the ship.  I learn by copying other code, modifying it so it works my way.  Doing this, I become familiar with the flow of the code, and the functions being used.  Then I can start applying that knowledge to writing my own code.

I’m currently looking into something the original code refers to as “friction with air” which gives the influence machine (the white droid in the video) a deceleration when you stop moving in the direction.  This gives the controls a soft floaty feel making the game feel less mechanical and more fluid.

I’ll post how I handle this deceleration once I’ve worked it out.


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