A game I’ve always loved the simplicity and beauty of is flOW, by Jenova Chen

FlOw is a game about piloting an aquatic organism through a surreal biosphere where players consume other organisms, evolve, and advance their organisms to the abyss.

You are an organism floating in fluid.  You use your mouse to direct the organism.  Holding left click increases your speed.

The objective of the game is to consume organisms to grow and change.  You move deeper by consuming the red dot organisms.  You move shallower by consuming the blue dot organisms.  You can defeat other organisms by consuming their nutrients, and you upgrade your own organism when you consume the leftover segments of your defeated enemies.

I love the soundtrack of this game, which is simply an underwater organic drone.  It really gives the game it’s feel.

I like the way levels are stacked on each other, so when you are in one level, you can see a blurred version of the level below.  It adds a simple depth to the game that adds to the ambient feel.

You can play flOw here

Where could I take this game?  You could possibly turn this into a Massive Multiplayer game, where players join, and are spawned in a pool with other players with the only objective being consume or die.  As you consume organisms, you evolve into more interesting creatures, so the player wanting to see a new creature and then become that creature would be another reason for playing.  I don’t think keeping score is something that would be all that useful, since you can play the game for a really long time.  If you quit the game, the organisms that make up your creature could become food for other players.


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  1. Interesting idea to say the least. I have enjoyed flow previously and would be interesting concept for an MMO, but there is a part of me that fails to understand the concepts behind making this game an MMO.

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