A Game Ripe…

Sony has recently piqued my curiosity recently as they are slowly re-releasing quality games from their PS2 catalogue and giving them a nice HD lick of paint. This I am all for, the games of the past made for today, there just seems to be so many MORE games from then that I enjoy. I have been itching for a Final Fantasy VII release on the PS3 and I still hold out hope with the recent releases of God of War and Sly Cooper to name but two, and recently rumours of Team Ico re-releasing Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

But through my searches on the internet lead me to look up Day of the Tentacle. Possibly one of the finest adventure games I had the pleasure of playing. I caught a glimpse of this image.

And it made me think, this game NEEDS to be remade and the sequel that the ending seemed to hint at with the Tentacle Flag being raised up J hope you have fond memories of this game as I do.


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