Outlook and outbind

I have recently come across this issue when needing to create a signature. There seems to be a lot of people out that this is a problem for but not a lot of references on how to fix it. Now I know this might not be the place for information like this but I felt that this is the best place for me at the moment to tell the world.

Outlook will prefix an image (linked or not) if referencing an internet site. I.e. http://serevername.com/imagename.png

But when you reply to the message, it will prefix the url with outbind://xxx/http://serevername.com/imagename.png where xxx is a number this is created by Outlook.

This outbind is a reference Microsoft uses to point to something within the document. But, often, it is not included and will cause an error, well one of these

It isn’t nice to see especially if you are trying to convey a professional image. But, there is a remedy for this. It might not be the best solution but I have found that it will fix it.

In Outlook

Click Tools | Options

Click Mail Format tab

Click Internet Format…

Uncheck this box

This, stops Outlook from trying to insert the image into your email and then referencing it. It will merely use the url that has been provided which will work, or should work in almost all of the cases.
Hope this helps those who have had this problem like me.


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