Knights of the Old Republic III

Yes, that is right, KOTOR3. Now why am I mentioning this when firstly there is no KOTOR3, certainly not as we might know it and SWTOR (The MMO from Bioware) is considered the third one. Well, I feel there needs to be a 3rd, why, consistency. The Star Wars Saga is built on threes and to only have 2, and then have a 3rd that well is not really related defeats the purpose. So, I will be building up my story on here, piece by piece as it comes to me, it might seem disparate but I will throw it all out there, hopefully have people read it, comment on it and then once this has been completed I will begin building my free to play version of KOTOR3.

I have read many different versions of people coming up with stories for KOTOR3. Many of them are great ideas, certainly in the context of the story line but to me, this game needs to be great, grand and certainly the best of the series. KOTOR was a great game, story was engaging, the game-play was what you would expect from an RPG of the time on a console. The KOTOR2 game out and it too was a great game, a little unpolished lots removed from the game, due to time constraints (and never put back in) and certainly left it in a state which screams a sequel.

So where does that leave us. Well, it certainly means that one is either being made, or is in the pipeline of development, or nothing, and one SHOULD and I do stress that, should be made. So, what do we have to work with?

  1. Revan went into the Outer Rim in search of the reaming Sith (This was alluded to in KOTOR2)
  2. The Exile (I wish we had a name of them) followed Revan. Why? I think it was dependant on which way technically you played each of the games.

With those 2 items, I will bring up a small point of, if Revan was triumphant at the end of KOTOR he then heads out to pursuit of the Sith to eradicate them from the galaxy, we now have 3 more fairly powerful sith, Darth Trayus (who has been trying to convert you ever since you met her), Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus seem to be very strong to have been avoided by Revan and if they did, it can seem to be their power that managed to hide them, as there has been precedent on this, The Phantom Menace.

So where did they go, what did they do. A lot of this depends on how the two games ended for who played it. For me, both the Exile and Revan were good. So this meant that they both went out there to find the Sith and destroy them.

The other question might come is, HK-47 who is aboard the Ebon Hawk in KOTOR2 but how, did the Ebon Hawk and the Exile end up together, because sure, if Revan went out to the Outer Rim what better ship was there. The Exile, like Revan was Jedi and partook in the Madalorian Wars, was Exiled from the Jedi order due to this and decided to live our his days as something, not sure, until he got mixed up in this matter. Kreia, who was also aboard the Ebon Hawk, where did she come from.

So, should KOTOR3 fill those gaps or should we have it just start say at the end of KOTOR2.

So let me look at how it should start. The first thing that I think needs to be addressed is both Revan and the Exile and I have an idea on how this should be. But what I will do is, state that with KOTOR3, it will load the save files from the first 2 to use in number 3. This will enable the story to seamlessly intergrate and provide a consistent look for both Revan and the Exile no matter what they looked like, male or female. Show relationships with characters and influence gained or lost, dark side, light side or somewhere in the middle and it will also provide the basis for their character levels and skills to this point.

The Beginning

Revan and the Exile have ventured out past the Outer Rim. Though the Exile followed Revan they never met up during the time. They are both very powerful and will make their way into the game based on that level of experience, the more powerful they are the longer it will take for them to come into the game. But I want this to start like Dragon Age: Origins where there are a couple of different character choices you can make and this will change potentially their role in the game and what happens.

  1. A Jedi Master – He was a member of the Jedi Council and has since left the council to be more physically involved with the direction the galaxy is going.
  2. A Smuggler – He will join the master in his journey as he has been past the Outer Rim many times and is actively involved in “day to day” business out there. There is a friendship between the 2 which is one of the reasons the Master left the council because member believed he should form a friendship with such a person.
  3. The Padawan – They are about to start their initial trial into being a proper Padawan, they will be assigned to the Jedi Master for training once accepted.
  4. The Exile – Yes, you start by heading out beyond the Outer Rim to follow Revan. This provides a very different avenue of play, using the save game from before as your character, and it is the ONLY way you can play as the Exile.
  5. Revan – Once again, need the original save game to play him. You are in search of the Sith for whatever reason you left kill.

Each of these has their own starting story and each has their own home world, this is based on Race or who you play. With the Exile and Revan, things are different, and the other characters you don’t play, become NPCs. So here, is the back and starting stories for each of these, including the Exile and Revan.

Note: If Revan and the Exile game play options only open up when using previous game saves, what would the characters be like now if no saves were found. Based on random character generation and auto level-up, so based on these, that is what they will be based on if they are played as NPCs.

The Jedi Master

As stated, once a member of the Jedi Council, has long been forgotten in the world of the Jedi. He never fought in the Mandalorian or Jedi Civil wars that followed but was maintaining peace in a Rim world Reecee. When his mission is over, he returns to the council to find it is not there anymore. The story starts with his last mission, to broker peace OR start a war between the clans. This is obvious as to the direction each might take in terms of dark side or light side. But there will be another option available to those who decide on a side quest.

He comes to Corescant to be greeted with no Jedi Temple. The rest of the city is operating as normal and there is resentment towards the Jedi. The gangs are running the various precincts in the city and each is having their own problems. The Senate, though running, is more about their own preservation than maintaining the order of the place. The Corescant guard are trying their best but are overrun by the gangs. Czerka has their own militia and they are given free reign by the senate to control the place but the militia is more interested in growing themselves and Czerka than helping the citizens of Corescant.

The Jedi seems to be one of the few now who can restore peace in the core. His story is these missions trying to wrestle control of city to somewhere, the choice is theirs.

Introduction Quests

  • Brokering Peace
    • The 3 warring clans on Reecee have slowly come to grips with the ceasefire that is in place. A violent history of each clan usurping the other for control of the precious resource Mintenium, the controller of this, receives all royalties from the smugglers who ship it off world. Yes including The Smuggler who is friends with The Jedi Master, for various reasons.
    • Invite a dialogue between the 3 leaders of the clans. You have the options of sharing the royalties, though requires a lot of special persuade roles to have this work or force persuade which will earn Dark Side points. You have a secret dialogue between one of the members to destroy the others by subpterfuge, getting the other 2 to wage war and the third one will then kills the scraps remaining.
    • Cause a new war between all the clans, pitting one against the other.
    • Broker peace but have an outside party that is interested stripping the world of the ore.

Depending on what path is taken there will be a chance to go further. You may need to fight with your chosen side, fight all sides if you go with the outside to deal with or, fight with the outside if you actually cause peace. Though if you don’t negotiate with the outside party that will never be an option, but if they approach you and you listen to their plan, they will attach, on any resolution that has them not getting control.

Once this quest is completed, you fly back with your friend the smuggler to Corescant.

More to Come…


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