Assignment 2 Complete

This was completed a little while ago, well nearly 12 months and I am only getting around to deploying it. Why, well I am building a portfolio up of work so I am able to start doing game development for real, get a small team. Anyway, here is a 2D platform game; it is using many of the elements from the 2D platformer starter kits from the XNA 3.1 framework. But I have created 3 large levels of this game using a level file system.

As you can see there are gems to collect, lava style bricks to avoid, and enemies to kill. The enemy AI is the simplest there is, they walk between two way point and wait at a way point and walk in the opposite direction.

You can die if you walk on the lava style bricks. You jump and avoid your way through the level until you reach the end.

Then you get into the next level after that one.

So that is what my 2D platformer is.

My Results


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