Assignment 3 Complete

Well this was the last assignment, it was a team based project where a design was created and then tasks were assigned to the various members of the team. There were 4 people on the team and only 2 did most of the work. Myself and another guy named Michael.

The design was mine; I created a design document, which I will link in here.

There is the start-up screen

Yep it is Moon Patrol. We have alien ships, they fire missiles at your ship, and the number of them increases as you progress the game without killing them.

We used a parallax effect for the background.

With foreground, mid-ground and background planets that move at different speeds. The buggy can fire and kill the aliens. The Alien AI is also a set of randomly generated way points between the width of the screen and a certain height. They then move and slow down and travel at different speeds between their way points.

We even have particle effects which are small plus signs that expend to look like fire when they hit the ground and the tyres bounce around as well.

You can just see the particle effects of the destroyed alien ship on the left hand side of the screen. You drive your buggy to the end of the level.

When we ported the game to the 360 it ran incredibly slow. This was due to the texture size for the ground, which we had very long textures that we had different types of, we randomly put them in. Put in the way points, A through Z and when you died you went back to the way point you last went past.

My results


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