Looking to start game development

This is a strange post, but it is certainly not entirely out of left field. I am looking for some other likeminded people who wish to start game development to create new games and develop the ideas and create games. Why am I doing this, because I feel it is best for me to actually start programming and start programming a game.

What about me, my skills. Well I have been a professional developer since 1996 mainly in Visual Basic. I have been a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer; I have receive certificates in game development using XNA and C#. I have been looking at doing some more serious study in game development but full time work is preventing me which is why I would dearly love to get into a team to start developing games. Below is the following preferences I have in order of my ability to code them;

  • C#, XNA (for Windows, Windows Phone or Xbox)
  • Flash (Action Script 3)
  • Android
  • C++ (Windows primarily, but it isn’t a huge concern)
  • iPhone

Now I would say that I am an expert programmer, I have a very strong understanding of all aspects of development. I know about game development and how it is meant to come together, I have created 3 games using XNA. See these links

Each of these was completed while I was doing the certificate course at AIE. My art skills are very limited, as you can see from the 3 games above.

I also have a forte in writing stories. I have created 5 short films

I have written short film and feature film scripts. So I understand the concepts of writing stories for short or long mediums. I also have various game ideas kicking around from the extreme to the simple. I will be hopefully pouring my heart and soul into a title and release soon. But the purpose of this post was to get my details out there. See the contact page if you want to get a hold of me.


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