Updating things

As anyone who might visit upon this site occasionally would notice that things have changed in the way it looks. The previous theme was one that was a choice when setting up the site and it was assumed that 2 of us would be working on things.  Now that is seems near impossible, it is now my blog, I felt I would change things to reflect my mind set. 

If by looking at the site you are unable to determine my mind set, that is OK, as I am also trying to figure that one out.

What is coming?

  1. Part 2 of my SWTOR and Graphic where I go into the settings within the game and my final tips based on what works for me.
  2. I will be throwing some ramblings and certainly ranting of my recently experience with MSBuild and TFS.  Suffice to say, it is good, but not intuitive.
  3. I will be publishing a guide to SWTOR and how to get the most enjoyment from the game as there is a lot that I am sure many causal players might not understand nor should they fully understand but having a basic understanding, which is what I hope to present will increase your understanding of the game
  4. TechEd Australia 2012 is coming, and I will be attending.  I will posting some information about it, and hopefully some pictures as well.

There will be more to come, I go through periods where I am prolific and other times I am, well less than sloth like.  So, the hope is to be more consistent with the post and posting about a great many things.


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