The specs

Well I have now thought I will post what I am physically dealing with.  I am getting the business end of the graphics post and certainly I felt that there would be people who might be interested in knowing a baseline of what I am dealing with.  So I have taken some screen shots of CPU-z and GPU-Z.

The Desktop.  This is the machine I have been doing all of the writing on.


The Laptop, the machine I am writing this on at the moment since my internet is shaped and I need to you a 3G WiFi device.


So as you can see the laptop has an i7 but the desktops Core2 Quad has a some better speeds to it.

Now the GPU, the desktop.


A pretty good card, not top, but still I think bang for buck it is pretty good.

Laptop has 2, but not available at the same time.  I can’t say if it is good or not, but it means I can use my laptop with the 9 cell battery for about 6-7 hours which is great.  So below is the Intel card, the “power-saving card”


and now the ATI card.


So you can see there is a vast difference between the cards on the laptop, the ATI and Intel cards and also the desktop and the laptop.  Memory wise, both have 8GB, the desktop has DDR2 800 and the laptop has DDR3 800.  I know the speed is similar but the bandwidth of the bus for each is different, from memory it is twice the bus width.

So there is it.  With the specs laid down on the table, I will be able to start focusing on the final part, well after I show the base ATI settings.


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