Something cool and something not

Something has been a trend in the development arena for some time now.  The trend of dropping components in and really hooking everything up with as little coding as possible.  Seeing demos of this stuff is sometimes a wonderful thing, especially for platforms or technologies that are new.  I have now just seen some demos on some of the new drop in Azure services components as part of the Visual Studio 2012.  I was in awe and they point was right.  Only write the code that only you can write.  Though this means you are putting a lot of trust into components that are developed by other people, which is OK for most things, but I have used too many bad components and libraries to know that just because someone else develops it doesn’t make it better than what I can do.

Development is often been about not re-inventing the wheel but it is also about pushing the boundaries and if those boundaries are to be pushed often it is in the areas that you do not fully know and want to.  Which is often the areas which you will rely on the other parties to come to the table.

We are heading into a cool and unknown territory in the future.  I have not qualms about the direction it is heading providing that it gives me the ability to decide which way I want to go.


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