Windows Phone taking off

What drives the selling of mobile devices.  Certainly with the iPhone it was nothing to do with availability of applications.  It was the newest cool thing to have and everyone (I am not yet converted nor will I be due to having already used one to fix issues my sister in-law had with hers).  But, with the release of Windows 8 just over a month away, we will see a new breed of applications hit the market.  Out of the box, these applications will not work with Windows Phone 8, or 7.8 (including some of the new features of 8 but available on current handsets), but with the portable class library options now in Visual Studio 2012, it makes sense to potentially create your application for the 2 devices.

Not only will we start seeing these applications growing in number as Windows 8 hits the main stream, the number of Windows Phone handsets will also increase.  The greater the number the devices around the greater the number of applications that are developed for it, so on and so forth. 

It is unclear if this was Microsoft’s strategy all along, with Windows Phone 8 the OS has reach a level of maturity that the current phone operating systems have but with less overhead by the OS.  This leaves a greater ability to do more with the device.  I think Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 will see huge changes in the landscape of applications for mobile devices.


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