XNA Game Development Part 1

Well TechEd is over for another year and I have now asked my best friend, Michael, the one who was going to help with this site and develop a game, but chickened out.  We are now sitting opposite each other, and writing the same game.  We came up with an initial phase 1, which will be the basics and we will progress with the next and next phases after that. 

The difference is, I am writing this in XNA 4.0, with the hope of moving it to Xbox and eventually Windows Phone, with the hope of aiming for a near release of it on Windows Phone when Windows Phone 8 is released, well close enough.

Michael is writing it in HTML5/JavaScript, it will be interesting to see the results since we are not only using two different languages and platforms (he is running on Linux) but also the methodology and paradigms are also different.  Will keep this updated as we go.

More updates throughout the night.


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