SWTOR – Tython


The ancestral home world of the Jedi.  Though they did not originate here, but they sought refuge long ago.  The world rich with the living force is possibly what drew those near and eventually to the planet.  But where there is one there is the other and the living force shows its many sides as natural occurring force storms sweep the planet making some areas near uninhabitable.

Tython is rich with fauna not found on many other worlds, most originating from the the Rift.  The Jedi would often travel to the Rift mostly the Abyss Ruh where they would hone their survival skills with the environment not only being hostile but the beasts that seem almost spat out by the Abyss, that reside within.

Tython is the starting world for the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular.  It is one of the more serene worlds, but there is an ugly side with the sentient Flesh Raiders, not a lot was known about them as they would more often keep to themselves until recently.  Their increased hostility was seen as an initial threat as small groups of Flesh Raiders were no match for that of Jedi or even the Padawans that trained here.

Tython is also the location of a Twi’lek Refugee settlement, which was largely ignored by the Jedi.  Despite their repeated attempts to request aide from the Jedi they have still been ignored by the Jedi.  Most of this is to do with the politics of the claim the Twi’leks have over their refugee claims but it is something the Jedi will not be able to ignore for long as the Flesh Raiders become increasingly brazen with their attacks against the Twi’leks.


So many Padawan’s believe that they are ready.  Not understanding the Jedi code, and feeling that it is all about the way they wield the lightsabre or that they at least wield one.  But there is much to understand to the Jedi way and this war, will not end if we keep training Padawans and have them the desire to take the simple path they too will eventually fall to the dark side.

I have just found 3 of the missing students that Master Relnex wanted me to fine.  One was injured though his wounds will not be his end. Avitla, was so angry she let her passion take control, taking lives, especially in revenge is a path so easy to tread.  I was able to convince them to see reason.  I handed them the signal beacon and hope that help arrives.

While on my travels to find these students I came across 2 interesting things.  It seems that the Flesh Raiders are now armed, not with training swords that could be easily taken from a Padawan but simple blasters.  Where were they getting them from, perhaps a mystery that could be discovered by another one worthy.  But something I believe not too many of the Jedi Masters know of is I have discovered crude cages holding Padawans.  The first I found I was unable to help but if I find more, I will release them, this I must take to the Jedi Council.


A rainbow on Tython, despite the threats I felt the need at this moment to meditate and reflect on what was happening.  I can feel the force in Tython but I am unable to make any sense of it.   Perhaps during calmer times I may make more sense of it.

I returned to Master Relnex, it was good to hear that the students were back safely.  I do hope they understand the lesson they learnt from this experience, “There is no Passion there is serenity”

Upon my resumption of my path to recover the holo-projectors of the old founders of Tython it seems that one of them as gone missing.  Though my Master, Yuon Par believes this isn’t a Flesh Raider’s doing I am loathe to believe that there are others that might take these things.  Though I believe my Master may know more than she is letting on.  She is wanting me to go to the Jedi temple and report to her.  These Gnarls may have many secrets I have yet to discover but it seems my attention may be required elsewhere.Screenshot_2012-09-25_21_58_44_582641

But I have a greater challenge, where IS the Jedi Temple.

I believe I am heading in the right direction, but there are these Flesh Raiders unlike others I have seen elsewhere in the Gnarls.  They are white, They seem to be almost hiding waiting, not sure for what.  I don’t know how far the Jedi Template is but it will be a dangerous path that is for sure.


See, two on the hill, looking down at the path.  Sure they aren’t hiding, but they will have easy site of any Padawan that is coming their way.  I must be cautious.  Was ambushed by these shorted Flesh Raiders, they seemed far more aggressive than the others, worse was Screenshot_2012-09-25_22_08_33_680336they were cloaked.  I managed to find myself a nice pair of Adarian Nerf-Herder’s Handwraps, which will be most useful.

I found it, the Jedi Temple It seems to be far more awe inspiring than I first imagined.  “There is no emotion there is peace.”  I know I must remember my training but it is hard not to feel something when it emerged out of the trees like that and the spiritual heart of the order stand before me.  I know now why so many regard the Jedi as spiritual.   I must stop looking at the Jedi Template and make my way there.  There is no more flesh raiders now, I am sure they are fully aware of the power of full Jedi masters and they are very lucky they have been sending Padawans to deal with these so called natives.

Before I entered the temple I was greeted by a Jedi Laim Dentiri, knew who I was.  I am not sure I will get used to this.  I have been asked to engage in a simulation as a form of test that will enable me to one day lead Republic troops.  I didn’t seem the harm in Screenshot_2012-09-25_22_18_04_126963trying, as the Republic needs all the help it can get.  I defeated the Mark 1 droid is little fuss a few close shaves, there were three of them after all.   I will report back to Jedi Dentiri and see if there is more to this simulation.  No more, he will be bringing in some more difficult droids and wants me to report back when he has them.  But he was impressed.  I am glad to have made an impression.

Why is it that everyone knows that I am Yuon’s apprentice.  Was there new holo that I missed anything on the Galactic Information Board.  This very eager to please Padawan Hallen asked me to go speak to Master Wettle, it isn’t so much that she told me to go see a Master but that she knew who I was.  I have been on this rock for barely a day and I am now the talk of the town.  Who else will know who I am?

I reported to Master Yuon only to find a Trandoshan name Qyzen Fess, he called me Little Hunter, I have never fully understood the Trandoshans and certainly why Yuon knows one, since most of them often hang in circles that are not common for Jedi to frequent.

I must report to Kalikori Village, home to some Twi’lek “pilgrims” they call themselves but they are refugees from their home world.  I have to tread lightly, the Jedi is not helping them and I am unsure why.  I know the republic don’t officially recognise their status as refugees but I don’t see any harm in the Jedi offering assistance.  So off I go again, it seems I haven’t had any quality time to keep up my study on the Jedi histories which I am keen to do.  But certainly the missing holo-recording of the first fallen Jedi Master Rajivari.  This alone says there is more to this than meets the eye and once again I get a feeling that my Master is hiding something.

On my way to Kalikori village I saw in the distance a glowing object of some kind.  Too far away for me to see what it is.  I must investigate that further, if my tasks take me in Screenshot_2012-09-25_23_08_46_925001that directions.

I was attacked by a very strange beast indeed.  On my shuttle ride when I was reading up on the history of Tython it was noted that it is home to a wide array of beasts that can only be found on this planet and all come from the same place.   I will need to keep an eye out for more of these, they seemed to not be provoked before they attacked.  Their mistake, but I doubt word will spread to be wary of Padawan Fomwon.


I have arrive at the village, apparently Kalikori is an old Twi’lek word meaning beginning, fascinating.  I now must look for this Captain Bashenn who might help me further my investigation into the missing holo-recording.

This captain seemed unwilling to want to help me.  It is understandable to some degree but it is disappointing that our relationship with them has deteriorated this far that they would not be willing to help.

I am to search for their champion, Nalen Raloch, who is their best duellist 9 times in a row.  He has decided to camp in Flesh Raider territory.  I find this odd seeing as the open hostility between the Twi’leks and the Flesh Raiders.  But if there is someone who could survive up there it would be him.

I was about to leave the village when a young Twi’lek name Tazonthe Ghon called me over.  His father was taken by a raiding party and taken into the Flesh Raider territory.  He wants me to find them and exact revenge, I told him this was not the Jedi way but I did promise to look for his father.

Well it seems like I have walked into another planet completely.  The Flesh Raider territory is bleak, in the mountain crags of the hills of Tython, the trees have died, their withered limbs are all that remains.   The grass is dead and the air is cold, colder than what would be normal for being in the mountains.  I have a bad feeling about this.


Twi’lek remains litter the place, they seem to be scavenging through the various remnants from the village from the Jedi Temple.  These do not seem totally like the mindless beasts that everyone so readily describes.  I will push on, but this place is becoming more and more unwelcoming by the minute.

Tazonthe will not be welcoming of the news, I found a datapad next to the remains of a Twi’lek it is a recoding from his father.  I also found his promise ring that is spoke of.  I will return it to him, not that this will be any comfort knowing his father died and died in this manner.

Where would this champion choose to hide out?  I am in the middle of one of the main encampments,  if someone as accomplished as he were to be hiding it would surely be here.  I saw a Flesh Raider champion amongst a pile of bones, it seems wise that Nalen would pick a spot that overlooked his enemy, giving him a position of strength not to mention adequate warning if they were to attack.

I found a cave near the top of the encampment, it overlooks almost the entire Hollows.  The force is telling me the Nalen is here, or has been here.  I have been unable to have the force clear speak to me since I have arrived on Tython and for a planet so rich in the force it is a worrying sign.

It looks like it was the home of Flesh Raiders if this is his camp he must have killed the inhabitants first.  I found it, Rajivari’s, wait a moment, this isn’t a holo-recording this is a holocron.  This is very unsettling, and why would Nalen have this, where is Nalen, there is no one here except this holocron.


The fool, he has been using the holocron, training himself to his the force.  He nearly killed us both bringing the cave down upon us.  But what has Rajivari been teaching him, he seemed to be heading down an all too familiar path, believing that he is all powerful and he alone will be able to save the Twi’lek.  I am unsure if he made it out alive, I did not see him as I was attacked on my way out by Flesh Raiders.  I must report back to Master Yuon about this eventuality.

I saw Tazonthe on my way back to the temple.  He did not take it well, but he seemed more upset that I didn’t exact revenge for the death of his father.   He should not be consumed with anger but believe in the force and understand that his father is now at rest.  I returned the promise ring.

I spoke to Master Yuon and now she believes that this holocron is pointing the way to “Fount of Rajivari” a source of all his knowledge and teachings.  Nalen has a head start on me, but Yuon believes I should start in the ruins of Kaleth.  This is troubling, the dark past coming back.  Master seems uneasy, I must find the right to time to ask more.

I will go now and meditate, nothing more I can do today.  The mountains and ruins will be cold at night and I must rest and reflect on all I have seen.  Strengthen my resolve and help me understand my training, which seems very irregular thus far, but I feel the force’s hand in this more than Master Yuon’s.







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