A Warm Blanket

I had a stay in hospital for a few days for a procedure to help with pain, I will not go into the details of it as it isn’t the purpose of this blog.  But one thing I really liked was when I came out of theatre they gave me a heated blanket.  It was so cosy and warm and you just wanted it to stay that way forever, alas it didn’t and so ends the joy.

Where am I going to.  Well I needed to fix a bug with an application the other day, the application was written by me in Visual Basic 6.  Now you might also be aware of I have been spending 99% of my professional development time and personal development time in .NET, with Visual Basic 9/10, Visual C# 3/4 or Visual C++.  It makes sense for me to use these languages considering the flexibility and power they offer to a programmer nowadays. 

But opening VB6 reminded me of that warm blanket.  I opened it up;

image and I saw the interface that I had seen so many times before.  It was familiar and welcoming, like it was when I first opened it from upgrading from Visual Basic 4 to Visual Basic 6. 

But it was when I was fixed the issue I was in there fixing that I noticed the warmth and therefore joy wearing off.  Looking at my code and the frustration came back of not being able to properly implement inheritance, the lack of constructors were also a major sore point.  It isn’t just the changes to the language with the implementation of OO functionality but also the IDE, the small extra bits that have been taken for granted since using .NET from version 1 through to 4.0 (.NET through 2010 of Visual Studio), auto complete members and variables, all of these things I am sure that the so called (mind you self proclaimed) “hard-core” programmers would say you don’t need, Notepad is all you need to program, but they indeed help prevent those annoying syntax errors that used to be so prevalent when writing code, compile, error, update compile, error, etc… and then finally, Link, run fail, debug, edit compile and I will keep on going.

So, though coming back to VB6 is nice and comforting when you first are greeted, it is something I am glad to have moved on from, but every so often I like to revisit to remembers the days and be thankful I have moved on.


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