SWTOR – The Patch Details

I have been playing Star Wars The Old Republic for sometime now.  I have seen a myriad of improvements and certainly have seen things go backwards in some instances.  Unlike some of the players who feel bugs shouldn’t ever happen I perfectly understand that in a game this complex, like any large scale MMO fixes in areas can also introduce bugs in others.  I do not know how hard the QA team is working on each patch nor do I know how many people are on the Public Test Server (PTS) (which I think I will create an account on to help with the testing). 

But over the last few weeks I have created a spreadsheet, I have placed it for viewing, below.

SWTOR – Patch Notes

This contains all patch notes available on the SWTOR web site but I have included a filtering on it so you can specifically look for the various items being patched.  The information I used all came from the the link above, and the naming, other than a couple of items were organised based on some hierarchy that was implemented in the notes themselves.

This is a living document and will be updated when there is a new patch that is live.  I will not update it with patch information for the PTS since this can change and does change more regularly that I could hope to manage.


If you feel I could perhaps tidy this up by improving the Groups, Categories and Items please let me know and I would be happy to implement these.


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