Nerfing and the Nerd Rage

A strange title, for sure, and I should open these up by stating what are these things.  Nerfing is a term coined in reference to the Nerf bats that were used around the place.  People would get hit by these and it wouldn’t hurt, but it was annoying.  So nerfing, is more of an annoyance than something that really causes issues.

And nerd rage.  What is nerd rage?  Like Road Rage it is someone flipping out over something, not on the road but something nerdy.  It usually happens to nerds, and I believe there are a couple of videos that state without any doubt what I am referring to.

Warning: there is language in this.

So with these definitions out of the way, why am I about to talk about these.  In some recent patches people talked quite a lot, in language that might be reminiscent of the nerd rage above, but certainly I could say that there was a lot of nerd rage aimed squarely at BioWare for nerfing some of the classes.  The complaints about these hit the forums in and various places around the net.

I was browsing the patch notes for World of Warcraft^ I did not hear the same kind of hate directed towards Blizzard about the nerfing of the classes that were in these patches. In fact as I browse down the patch notes, and there are a lot of them, there has been massive amounts of nerfing to ALL classes within World of Warcraft.

SO.  For the whiners, haters, and general internet trolls that like to dig these things up, spray it to the general population in the hopes of getting a rise or just having a complain sessions about anything and everything.  Nerfing happens, even to the so called and I might add self proclaimed god of MMOs World of Warcraft.  Why?  Balance.  Players in PvP mainly find ways of trying to exploit mechanics, whether they be the mechanics of the character, the NPC or the environment.  The nerfing comes because the developers feel this is not how the game should be played and is certainly in the spirit of playing.  Since why should one player get an advantage over another simply because they have discovered a cheat or a way around something.

But sometimes the nerfing happens not because of exploits but because of genuine balancing issues.  I did know for a fact that in PvP in SWTOR the Sith Warriors in some specs were very over powered, so much so it was just not fun to play PvP if you were anything else.  That said, being a Jedi Sentinel on the other side I also copped some of those nerfs, I managed to find a way around them and I have managed to live quite happily changing the way I play.  It is human nature to adapt to changes in the environment, take it as a challenge to relearn and become as good as you were, if you are good, then you will.  But if you weren’t and were using the imbalance as way to lord it over your opponents, I believe those were the most vocal about these changes.

^ This is a nice segue into this little addendum.  World of Warcraft released a patch for Mists of Pandaria the day the game was released, 3 days after, 6 days after, 9 days, 13 days, 17 days and 21 days after the release and I do not hear the same kinds of hate about these patches.


Nerf (video gaming)


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