SWTOR – Infinite Loading



I have come across a problem recently with SWTOR, those who have played the game might one problem.  But I have had a fairly fault free time with the game and one could say that the only fault I have had is that sometimes (especially tonight) you have to deal with players who aren’t so nice to you, thinking they know better.  But I will not go on about my story and players since I have come across most of them that are fantastic and I would help anytime of the night or day.

But picture this, you see this screen the game hasn’t crashed as such since the small animation at the bottom right corner of the screen is still animating.  There is music that comes and goes.

Belsavis – The Ancient Prison

But that is it.  One day I let it go for about 30 minutes and still this screen and music.  So, I closed it and reopened the game and I found that it still happened.  Every so often I use a program called Battleping which essentially provide a proxy and routing more directly to the US servers, I can then select a US West Coast server and I will get a potentially lower ping time (decreased latency).  Previously I just stopped running this Battleping by closing the application this has unloaded the proxy stubs and the routes are no longer valid.  Strange, sure but it was an accident I now get this loading screen above.  It doesn’t change from this point. 

I have also seen this issue if, the application crashes on the loading screen, a disconnection occurs on the loading screen or other random issues that essentially stops the game loading.  Coming back in often doesn’t fix it and to me, it is one of 2 things. 

The Fix:

1) Reboot Modem/Router and ipconfig /renew – This will reset the modem/router there but getting and updating any routing information.  Performing an ipconfig /renew will get a new IP address from the DHCP server and if this is the router it will also update any routing information for the Primary Gateway and DNS servers.  Though dependant on other issues that has happened this might not fix it.

2) Reboot computer – This one sounds kind of clichéd but, it worked for me, try it.  I have also seen a few people in my guild who has this same problem and a reboot fixed it.  So give that a go.

I will then go into this, if this doesn’t fix it, then there are some other issues you need to do that will help but my experience with this specific error will be alleviated by the above 2 processes, or at least one of them.  I will provide more details on other issues with SWTOR later.


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