#61 a Unique Milestone

I have done it.  Reached that figure that no one ever seems to aspire to, 61.  This is blog post number 61 and I feel that I should celebrate this auspicious occasion.  Now, what is special about this number, it has no significance to me directly.  But it is an event that means I have never thought I would get this far, put sometimes useful and occasionally useless crap out there for the world to judge. 

With this blog I have done more than I thought I would had people even read it and I hope that I will provide more interesting things to come.

Coding tips, my exploits in Star Wars – The Old Republic, I will even throw my couple of dollars worth on the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney.  Add more information on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, but this will be once I have upgraded fully since I am still running the consumer preview. 

Provide more details on my experiences with game development, a course I will be undertaking in the new year. 

Also I would like to provide you some music to listen to, which is what I am currently listening to right now.

A Life Without Parole – 4:52

The above music comes from a fantastic place that took the iconic music of Final Fantasy VII by famed Japanese game composer Nobuo Uematsu.  Final Fantasy VII is still one of my favourite games of all time and to listen a new take on the music is truly memorable.

The original for contrast.

But that aside I hope there is plenty more to come and that you enjoy what I put up there.  #62 here I come.


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