1.5 Cometh and Some Background

So, we have a significant update coming to the world of SWTOR.  With this there are 2 significant changes, the introduction of a new companion character, HK-51 (as seen in Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords) and the introduction of Free to Play. 

I posted a fairly detailed look at this new Free to Play option looking at why one should or perhaps shouldn’t subscribe to this great game. 

And Star Wars The Old Republic is a great game, I am sure, if you look into the forums on the General Discussion there will be countless items about the death of SWTOR, others are more specific injecting their bile into the discussion even if it is not related.  I could dedicate an entire post (or multiple) about this so called internet trolls and their pessimistic views about the game, with the game free to play, make up your own mind, pure and simple.

“Rumours spread about a bank being financially insecure, Consequences:  People withdraw their money worried about losing it.  Result:  Soon the bank is financially insecure.”

So, with free to play being upon us in the next 24 hours there are a couple of points that I would like some to take in hand.

  1. The servers have been getting steadily busier over the last couple of weeks, when F2P hits there is an possibly going to be an influx of players.  For the new players there could be queue times, please bare with it, you will get in and will have a great experience.
  2. If you are new to MMOs or new to SWTOR, do not be afraid to ask about anything.  You might have some people who might have a go at you, but my opinion is, look for people with the name “Founder” in their title.  These are people who have played the game since launch and from the information I have gathered will be more than happy to help.
  3. I am unsure about the General chat restrictions, but, you can always use the /whisper [character name] to talk to someone directly then /r to reply to them.
  4. One of the main concepts of an MMO is the social aspect of the game play, joining into groups for Heroics, Flashpoints and eventually Operations.  Even teaming up with friends to play the game enables more dynamics and certainly a more cinematic feel.  But NEVER feel pressured to get into a group.  You will see LFG a lot, and possibly more in the General Chat and you might see that they might get persistent about an MMO is social people should group up.  I have some of the most fun in the game in groups, but there is nothing like not needing to worry about finding a group.
  5. If you are deciding to go Free to Play are looking at getting some Cartel Coins, then look at items that extend the games playability first.  With things like inventory space, quick bars, unlocking the good gear, crew skills and holding more credits.  Some of these items are opened simply by entering some game time.  Buy the game, I believe it is about $14.99 or so, check out Origin for details, and it comes with 30 days game time.  This will put you into the Preferred Status which opens up;
      • The ability to run faster (Sprint) starting at Level 1.
      • Cargo Hold access (Bank Slots) and higher login queue priority.
      • Increased access to Chat and Secure Trading.

But this is simply done if you buy any Cartel Coins anyway.

So these are some simple tips as well for those looking at getting into the game for the launch of free to play.  I will also include another little element of help.  Below are my characters on the server Harbinger (US) it is a West Coast PvE server. 

Maanol Signature Maanol, he is a Level 50 Scoundrel Sawbones, is still learning the healing trade but would be able to help any early game players if there is a need for a healer.

Bausha SignatureBausha, a mid to high level geared Jedi Sentinel, does a lot of damage but is geared towards the critical strike as opposed to the power.  Has the ability to absorb some damage but is in no way a tank.  Bausha is certainly a good one to have to get you out of any spot of bother if you need it.

FomwonFomwon, only recently to 50 is still working through the dailies to get the gear to start the story mode operations.  A sage healer and is very good and healing through most things, is not a damage dealer by any means so needs the help of a someone else. 

AllanathSigAllanath, new to the world, is still working his way through the battlefield.  Is heading into the tank spec, in the hopes of complimenting the rest of the clan above. 

So if you see me around the traps say hello and I would be more than happy to help you out.  1.5 will be up on Thursday lunch time in the US, but sadly this is Friday at 5am here on the east coast of Australia.  So I will not be on there until most likely Friday evening at the earliest.


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