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This is an interesting topic.  I have recently started using the Gunnar Vayper Gaming glasses.  My reasons for this is, I went to the optometrist recently to have them tell me though I benefit from using glasses while driving the strain I can often suffer while working at a computer for long periods of time is the cause of the headaches, etc…  Understandable, they also mentioned that though the prescription classes would easy that to a degree my eyes aren’t bad enough to warrant it at the cost.  They suggested something a little less specific but still provides some limited magnification.

Hence these were suggested, he did speak about them being of limited benefit but believed the combination of the the factors that the lens bring would decrease the strain on my eyes.  They were right.


They are a nice pair of glasses at least from the style, they are incredibly light weight and the main visual difference is the lenses being this yellow colour, which is the one element that take a bit of getting used to.  So, I will go through the points about them comment on them and also provide one things that I feel is not covered in any detail whatsoever.


Fractyl lens geometry – This is their name for the shape of the lens.  They are very much curved, but their purpose is to decrease the airflow around the eye and increase the humidity around the eye.  Certainly it does feel different but as I have been mainly wearing them recently and have been affected by hay-fever in which my left eye will constantly  produce tears it is harder to tell if the humidity is different.  I do notice something but it is tough to know.

Diamix lens material – This is something to help eliminate distortion of the image through the curved lens.  This material doe work, since it operates based on viewing a flat screen, outside of this, so moving you eyes produces distortion but this is also the magnification of the lens.  Which are 0.2 which was one of the points my optometrist talked about as my eyes needed it, but for a computer screen not as much as it might be for reading.

Ionik lens – This is the tinting.  They are yellow.  Amber as they call it, they eliminate UV light which is great and also reducing the types of light entering the eye.  This does work.  This also enables the increased contrast, which helps.  One of the things I have had trouble with is the read of white text on a black background.  Suffice to say wearing these makes this not a problem.  They enable me reading these screens with ease and very much reduces the fatigue on the eyes.

The combination of all three of these certainly provide everything they say, it help make the time at the computer easier and reducing the strain placed upon your eyes by looking at a computer monitor.  So they get marks for these.

I am going to say in the United States they offer the ability for your to put your prescription lens in there.  This is Rx as they call it, using Carl Zeiss lenses they are able to create the same functionality with all of the above three marketing spins but for the prescription lens.  This is really good, but will increase the cost, but as mentioned this is in the US only.

Changing the Colour – Their colour is for a specific reason, to eliminate the coloured light entering the eye, well certain wave lengths.  These will block out the Blue spectrum, thus removing the harmful ultra-violet light entering the eye.  But since computer monitors do not well modern LCD and LED monitors do not emit any UV light this seems odd.  But as I am writing this UV light would be coming in through the windows so this doesn’t help.  This blue light, well interestingly, blue light is part of the spectrum that the sun provides.  See below.

So as you can see here this image shows the approximate temperature in degrees Kelvin of various light sources.  As you can see, Sunlight is almost in the middle, not quite, this because the sun emits infrared and ultraviolet light, but it is towards the blue end.

This blue light is what tells the brain it is day time, while we have blue light entering our eye the brain activity increases thus making you more awake.  The longer you are exposed to this increases the tiredness of the eyes as they are needing to work very differently, but also it is harder for your mind to switch off.  They recommend stop using a computer about 60 minutes before going to bed to enable your mind to calm down.  But with a lot of “daylight” style fluorescent lights this is becoming harder and harder to do.

These glasses remove these bands of light thus making the brain do different things.

BUT, removing the blue light also changes the colours of things to you.  yes everything has a yellowish tint to it, your eyes get used to it, but this doesn’t prevent the fact that you see things with this tint.

A lot of monitors have the ability to change the colour temperature or even change the colour profiles.  Even if the monitor doesn’t the video card does.  Mine has a Bluish setting, yes that is what it is called.  This increases the blue light coming from the monitor, when looking at it normally it will seem bluish, BUT, thankfully the colour they your eyes sees is very similar to normal. 

BUT if this removes blue light how can this seem normal?  It is easy, they the increased in blue colours around the board normalises it for the brain to a certain degree.  The amount of blue light being removed is still the same but the tint applied by the monitor cancels out what the glasses see and therefore what your mind interprets.

Note:  This is only recommended if you are using these in everyday use.  If you need precise colour, as in digital image manipulation, you may need to properly calibrate your monitor to output the correct colour profile for your to accurately manipulate these colours.

So, there I have it.  They provide an ability to regulate the temperature within the eye region, yes.  I would say they do.  They increase contrast and eliminate the amount of light entering the eye, but does not reduce the intensity of that light.  They provide a simple level of magnification that those who have do have a slight need for it, will benefit but if you do have problems with your vision see your Optometrist as soon as possible as this could be symptoms to other problems.

I would recommend them, they are well priced and offer a comfortable experience while using computer for long periods of time.

The Bluish tint on the monitor.  I have found that with Red set to 81%, Green set to 81% and Blue set to 100% provides a more than realistic change to the colours to compensate for the yellow tint of the lenses.  I hope this can be off use.


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