Which is Best for playing SWTOR – Part 1

This is a multi-part article about how to go about playing SWTOR from a new player’s perspective.  I have levelled 4 characters to 50 and am now working on my final 4 characters.  I have determine there is a good way to enjoy all of the story elements that this game has to offer without the need for too much repetition. 


Since this is the easiest then I will throw it in there.  If you are planning on PvPing and only PvPing, whether on a PvP server or not, you will find your progression to 50 the least repetitive and that I mean in terms of story.  Playing the Warzones can get that way, but I find if you are in different groups and against different players then you will have a blast.  The Warzones are a great addition I feel.

But in order to get the unlocks of Legacy you need to complete the class quest.  But that said, you can just do that quest and no others.  I will show below the planet progression and the recommended levels you should get onto your class quest to reach Chapter 3 and get the legacy perks and unlocks.

NOTE:  If you are planning on doing this route, then you will find it a little more difficult in some class quest missions, this is only due to the fact that often your companion is not as well geared for these since your companion gear can be give from the side/world/bonus missions.  But, if you are upgrading your amour, you can certainly put your old armour on them and they will be able to hold their own.

Teaming up with someone who is also on this path would make ALL of your class quests easier.  But I am only looking at this from the solo perspective and using your companions.

Tanks – They should tackle planets for their class quest 3-4 levels from the planet starting level.  If they have their healer then you could drop this by 1 level.

DPS – This is a bit harder, I would recommend about 1-2 levels below the planet max levels.  Unless you have your healer, then I would go 2-3 levels below the max levels.

Healer = With your DPS companion you could do it about 2-3 levels above starting level.  With Tank companion then I would say you could go 1-2 levels above starting level.

This is often the ideal setup.  But, these levels are indicative and can change based on playing style and level of equipment. 

In the next post I will be looking into more depth of PvE and how one can look at the stories and do all side, world and bonus quests and repeat as little as possible for the most enjoyable experience.


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