SWTOR and Graphics – Part 9

I thought I might have ended this in Part 8 but alas something happened that made me post this information here and it is really a For Your Information type piece.

A while back I made a mention about installing the full version of DirectX 9 onto your PC, not the web installation but the full redistributable package.  This was in Part 2 of this discussion, yes that long ago.

This installs elements of the DirectX runtime that SWTOR uses, but unless you install them, it will be run in DirectX 11 versions of them, or 10, depending on the version of Windows. 

I recently downloaded some Steam games.  As part of the installation of that was the installing of DirectX, and DirectX 9 since 10 and 11 are always update through Windows Update.

Well, after this installation I noticed that there was a slow down in my SWTOR performance and yes noticeable.  I then did a reinstallation of the DirectX runtime, see my post Part 2 regarding where and how.  And the Frames Per Second, was better.

NOTE:  If you install Steam games or other games that use DirectX 9 and will install the package as part of the installation of the game.  Remember to perform a reinstall of the full redistributable of the DirectX 9 runtime.

And this performance, was about 10-20 frames per second better after the installation.


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  1. Bro, fantastic. I just wonder how much work you had researching and writing this stuff.
    After reading your posts, I want to know if you ever had fps problems when jumping to hyperspace, specially in the last scene of the first flashpoints (Esseles / Black Talon). In my case the game ever crashes in those flashpoints, and on my ship it even hit 15fps.

    • Thanks. I have done a ton of research, a lot though stems from my understand of game development, having done it before. Also dealing with complex systems in my day job give me a great grounding.

      I do they the occasional FPS drop when entering hyperspace on my ship but I only ever notice this when I travel to hyperspace and then run towards the exit, when I noticed the fps drop I also notice that within the ship is some of the effects from the hyperspace, this is an accident but I think it gives it a nice look sometimes.

      Other areas of frame rate drop are areas where there is a lot of gun fire. There are places on Ilum that happens and it is an area that is possibly why so many people complain about it in Warzones, it is all of the physics that takes it toll and the CPU is not made for it. If you have an NVidia card it will help, but not much to do on the AMD front other than make things as good as possible elsewhere.

      As for the crash in Esseles and Black Talon. I get that and I get a drop in frame rate when it happens. It will crash and I have run a program called ProcDump which dumps the memory when a windows process terminates, you can get it to also dump memory when certain exceptions happen, which is what happens in these cases. But the 2 flashpoints do a crash to desktop because of an Invalid Pointer error. I understand that BioWare are trying to work out what is causing this pointer issue since the effect of the hyperspace is the same one that happens aboard our ship. So even from my perspective it is a tough one to find.

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