No Nintendo at E3 – Sort Of

This is a response to a post by Tom McShea at GameSpot.  Tom is giving kudos to Nintendo for not going through with their elaborate stage presentations.  This is all OK for those in the press in my opinion who are often privy to information before others, are invited to events like E3 and are able to enjoy these moments when they happen, where they happen.

I agree, these events are really about stroking the egos of the companies that are represented.  It is also a chance for us simple folk waiting for the big heralding announcements of what is coming next in the world of gaming that when E3 winds around we are nearly salivating at the potential for these conferences. 

He does bring up an interesting point, in that due to the poor performance of Nintendo over the last year since the re-release of the 3DS is a XL format, the re-release of the Wii in an XL controller and HD format, one might say what have they got to show.  Yet another Wiiu Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Insert Nintendo First Party Title here for the umpteenth time and only wind of some 3rd Party Support.  We might look more into it, what do they really have to show this year.  No new hardware, there is only so many ways one can repackage the 3DS and 3DS games don’t have that same impact as FULL HD trailers (pre-rendered or not).

Sony has told us that the PS4 is coming this year, so they need us to drool even more than we did when they had their own press event earlier in the year.  We have not heard much from Microsoft so we know that their event will be the release of the NextBOX and the multitude of Kinect games that you can dance to or can jump around to.  So with this information were Nintendo right at pulling out.

Reggie Fils-Aime last year’s, after the announcement of the Wiiu and really did a political number on it.  They were in my opinion the most underwhelming of the 3, he would explain about checking boxes, which they did in the post conference interviews, but personally I couldn’t get past the controller, no so much a Wii HD, but more that they were trying to one up themselves and found it more difficult considering that the Wii was something people seemed to want right at that time.

Their reasons for pulling out once could argue till the cows came home.  But the fact that they will not be there is one small dent in the excitement that was always E3.  Will they be back, yes, if things pick up or change for the better for Nintendo, I can guarantee that they will be back in 2014.  So I applaud them, NO, I could argue that scaling back would be better than not have a conference at all.  No-one said you need to compete with Microsoft or Sony and they normally don’t but they could still provide the information they want to the world and make it cheaper.

Nintendo will still be at E3, but not showing a press conference, they will have their booth on the show floor showing the up and coming first party titles for the 3DS and Wiiu.


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