Changes to SWTOR Posts

I have recently decided that the amount of time it takes me to write some posts, get the various screenshots I need and then make sure it is all, OK, from a certain point of view, is too much.  Some recent posts on some achievements in the game have taken me some time to write.

So, the last couple of days I have been tinkering a little and have decided to capture my game and include the information in the video for all to see.  When I post these new videos I will put a post here, which will help in the searching of things, I hope.

Tyrant of Dromund Kaas

This is a long achievement and takes you to most places on the planet.  So if you want to see it, these are done in the order not that I did them but in the order that I felt is best from a certain starting point, in this case the spaceport on Dromund Kaas.

Sorry there is no dialogue in these posts I was testing things out and trying to work out what is best. 

Tyrant of Balmorra

This is the second series I have made.  This one I managed to do a better job, including an explanation of things, nothing much but it does add something than the silence of the Dromund Kaas series.

Please, let me know if I should include the videos separately below in the posts or just provide some more information.

These videos were recorded with FRAPS, and it is without a doubt a very good tool.  I purchased the full version as the trial, or demo only allowed 30 second recordings. 


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