E3 2013–Call of Duty: Ghosts

In this game play footage, as demoed here from Game Trailers, it is showing the footage of using the dog to scout ahead.  Interesting as I know that dogs are intelligent creatures and having a dog I know how to train them, they will use single commands, so it is odd they are using sentences for the dog to use to attack.  Another real nit picky thing is the dog camera, it is pretty steady.

Since I have not been a total fan of Call of Duty, most shooter really are not my cup of tea, the footage of the dog is interesting, but it reminds, not from a gameplay perspective but a marketing perspective, that of Peter Molyneux talking about Fable II and the companion dog and it brings a wry smile to my face.

I will add one thing, they are trying to make shooters more and more realistic as possible.  But there is one thing that does not seem to ever be improving yet, it is when moving vertically through and environment.  In the footage, it showed the player jumping off a verandah onto the ground.  The jump was a good, 3 m (10’), that kind of jump you are not able to hold the weapon steady in that motion.  Not to mention his partner uses another hand to lower himself down the edge.

It has something I have noticed and I am sure that this kind of realism isn’t exactly what they are going for.

This footage is that of the underwater side of it, it actually looks interesting.  I know at the Microsoft One reveal a couple of weeks ago they touted the AI of the fish and how they reacted to you approaching you in the water.  The fish look good, but is it proper AI and is it enough to be able to tout that the game has fish AI. 

This does look good, the plants and reef look realistic (yes I have been underwater on a reef, though the colour is incorrect, why, it is the way sunlight filters in the water, it does look close, as there is a subdued colour palette here, but it is still a little too vibrant for what you would see underwater.  Nit picking yes, I know, but it does look good.  You don’t see much underwater footage and it looks good.

Will I play the game, possibly not, as it is just another shooter.  I did say I am not a fan of shooters but I have played them, Crysis, Crysis 2, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (E3 All Access)

NOTE:  I am trying to work out a way to embed the video I am using to see into the blog itself  A couple of times I have published this and it hasn’t worked which is why I now have a link.


So, E3 2013 is not far now, as you can see from this, this is pre-E3 footage, so we are close.  I will be watching it live from my desk, I will be trying to tweet information as I see it and I will also be putting up blogs throughout the next couple of days.  With Nintendo not doing a proper press conferences but the footage I am watching on Game Trailers there will be an interview with Nintendo.

Also a note, Microsoft also normally hold interviews with the press after their conference, this year though they have cancelled this round table and I am not sure what might come in the place of it.  It doesn’t bode well, but it might be they have given exclusive access to this information to the Microsoft Live event that might be streamed from XBOX Live on the XBOX, makes sense.

But I will try and put out more and more information I can, as I have each year.  This year I will have more information as well.  Wish me luck.


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