EA Press Conference – The Download

  • Plants v Zombies: Garden Warfare looks like a ton of run.  It is running on the Frostbite 3 engine, overkill perhaps but there should be plenty of grunt.  That game looks like lots of fun, it has nice throws into Battlefield into it, but the popcorn was funny as well as the little homage to Battlefield with the garlic chopper.  I might actually get this one.
  • Peggle 2 announcement – mmm, OK.  Yes fun but did it require that enthusiasm before he left stage.
  • Titanfall – more information is coming for it, these look like interviews with the developers.  Describing the usual fair, we wanted to created an immersive world, living breathing, caring for the characters and so on.
  • Star Wars Battlefront on Frostbite 3 – Oh yes, this is going to be a game I will be getting.  Seeing that Snowspeeder crashing and then the foot of the AT-AT walker, my mouth was open in awe.  The one thing I can say is, it will look fantastic running on the Frostbite 3 engine.
  • Need for Speed: Rivals had a nice integration with the tablet and the look for it was quite good.  The way the two games of single player and came into the multiplayer aspect of the game.  Will like to see more of this, they also mentioned an online opponent when you are offline like in Forza.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition – It is an open world game, different to the original games.  It is released next year, 2014 and they are showing a trailer.  There is not much that I can tell from the trailer
  • EA Sports, I would like it if they announced a new baseball title but I do love my MLB The Show games.  But I feel they should branch out in more sports, they do have primary populated sports, Soccer, NFL, NHL, NBA, but it would be good is all as the NBA.  They got someone on stage a and a Baseketballer talking about the Ignite engine for their sports games.
    • Talking about NBA Live – lots of stats coming to the game.  They are also including a new technology to allow the ball to be dictated by the physics of the ball and remove it from the hand as a separate object, but not 100% sure if this means you need to control things with the ball or not.
    • Madden NFL 25 more talking about how realistic it is and the gameplay footage.  So they are pushing more into the Ignite engine, and expanding the way the animations are enable to change very quickly in order to accommodate the way a player moves and make the momentum look realistic.  They have made the facial scans look really good, a long way has come from the old days when they first introduced it.  They showed “gameplay” footage but no one was playing it and it was a lot of close up shots.  The quality made it look like it was in game engine but until you can see someone with a controller in their hand, like the Plants V Zombies game you can never ever be certain.
    • FIFA 14, some soccer player talking about the feelings of the game and kicking goals and playing.  So far nothing really knew in the front from this as they were showing what was label Alpha footage.  Drake comes out and stage and talking about FIFA and the game he plays and he spoken about about how so many people play it in Europe.  More “gameplay” but still no one playing it though they did announce it is playable on the floor.
    • UFC 14 , a ring side announcer and some UFC players and the head of UFC.  OK, talking about fighting being the first sport, when one person throws another punch at another person and there is a sport when someone runs over and watches.  And mentions it is in out DNA to fight.  Mmmm, not sure about that, but I won’t go off and dispute any of this.  They are talking about full body deformation, and interesting concept, in the trailer they showed some of it.  But not sure how this will make me feel it.
  • Battlefield 4 some nice integration features into tablets to enable commanding from there.  Need to see more of this and impressive they have wheeled out what looks like 64 players to take part in this game live in the multiplayer.  That is very impressive to see this live and I hope it works, city scape settings looks nice.   They took out support pillar underground and that bought down the road and down come a tank.  That was a nice feature.  Lots of vehicles in this game, a main aspect of the Battlefield games but this does look good for that.  The jumping from the building and it falling down.
  • They then teased from Dice, Mirrors Edge 2 by the look of it. Which will make some fans happy I have not played the first but I did hear good things from it.  But when it said, Coming, when its ready.  nice jibe so they are not making promises on these games.

There was nothing on anything else from BioWare and nothing with regards to SWTOR.


I was expectant for this conference excited about the Battlefront announcement and the Dragon Age one as well.  Plants v Zombies: Garden Warfare looks like a ton of fun and I would love to get into that.  The 64 player multiplayer in Battlefield 4 looked good and epic as well.  No SWTOR which disappoints me, but in many ways they are focusing on their roots with much of their sporting line up and some of their core as well.


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