Key Locks – Why is it not there?

Just about every computer sold has a keyboard, even touch screens devices have keyboards, albeit virtual ones. I recently started a new job, and like most jobs I start, the keyboard is often terrible, due to their purchasing of lots from one place or using an older one. So I went down to the shop got myself a new keyboard. It is a nice keyboard.

This is a nice keyboard, it sounds nice, has a good wrist rest, the mouse is solid and easy to move. This is the first full wireless desktop keyboard solution I have. There is ONE issue.

There are no lights to indicate if Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock. Nor, is there any mechanism to tell me if I have turned it on. Not big in some manner, but often, especially with the Caps lock I will accidently hit it with the Shift key and it comes on.

So, due to this I needed to give me some visual indicator. So I wrote one.

It is something to behold this version 1 of my Lock Keys application. It will turn green when the key comes on. I have improved this greatly since the original version, reduced the resources it used and the amount of processing power it consuming. I have an x86 and x64 version available, I am hoping to have it improved, putting the names over the image to help reduce it.

I am also looking at adding a positional save, but so far it saves but not the proper position.

Double click the form, and it will hide the border, double click again and it will show.

The above is the form with the border. I will be releasing it very soon; I will include another post with the information. It will be released once I am happy with it. I guess I like I have written this but I am very confused as to why this keyboard does not have the lights to indicate the various lock keys.

The application is using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, no reason other than I can but I will release a version that is made for a previous version of the .NET Framework, possibly 2.0.


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