SSSP–The Secret is Out

Well, this is one to put into your calendars, December 3, 2013, if you are a subscriber by November 1, 2013.  This is when the Super Secret Space Project (SSSP)  becomes a reality and subscribers are given early access to this digital expansion.  Galactic Starfighter, 12v12 space PvP, that is right, PvP in space.  This has been one of the more requested features, take the ship off the rails and give us some exciting space fighting.


Digital Expansion–Galactic Starfighter

There is little to know from this, but I am sure more details will emerge soon.  We will get our very down Starfighter, which can be customised.  So far they are talking about paint job and they have shown different models so I am hoping it is a matter of the ability to select different fighters as the need fit, but this will come out in more details.

The trailer looks great and certainly adds a mode to the game that I think will being people in just for the PvP dogfights in space.  Providing there is enough diversity with the ships, the conflicts and the roles within then this will be a much anticipated addition to the SWTOR game.

The details of what is available is here.  It goes through the rewards and some of the details of the release.


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