New Monitor

I just want to write  quick post about my new monitor.  It is an ASUS MX299(Q), the box doesn’t have a Q on it.  It is a 29” 21:9 LED Frameless display and it is I tell you a wonderful monitor.

Now the wank on the website I think over sells it.  This is a gorgeous monitor, light weight, thin, the picture quality if first rate and when playing games, it creates some magical images due to the aspect ratio.


Even in this small size, the aspect ratio is what really shines with it.  I had a issue getting proper read out of it with a display port 1.2 cable, but a DVI-D that came in the box worked like a charm.  It is one bright monitor too, so much so on the factory settings you might need to turn the brightness down.  I would also recommend it as it makes the monitor last longer as the backlight doesn’t need to work as hard when not as bright and your eyes will thank you for it too.

The controls are a little touchy but once you worked them they are OK, functional.  It supports stereo sound with Bang and Olfsen speakers but I don’t use them so I can tell you how good they sound.  You will get sound using HDMI and Display Port cables and there is a headphone jack on the back if you do.  There is also 3.5 mini-jack audio cable that comes in the box that will enable you to hook it up to your sound card, but I am sure that the headphones only works with HDMI and Display Port.

3 Input plugs on the back, which is a good choice for a monitor.  But as I said I had issues with the Display Port but I am unsure if it was the cable that had issues or the montior or the video card.  The DVI-D gives a flawless image but the Display Port doesn’t.  I will have to try the HDMI one and provide an update but since the DVI-D is working then I will maintain using that one.

All in all if you are in the line for a new monitor then I would look at this one as an option, especially if you are a game player but don’t require the ultra-high response times then this offers a great look for almost any game and providing that additional width on each side I think gives you an advantage.  

The MX299 does have, what they call Trace Free setting, which adjusts the response time.  It states it has 5ms, but I know when I turned it up to 100 it shows some ghosting on objects in the game as I moved passed them, set to 0 it doesn’t.  So, the speed differences in response times between them I am unsure of, but if you are using it for games then set it to 0.  Also make sure you video card can handle the extra dots.  The 2560×1080 resolution provides a 33% increase in the amount of real estate on screen, driving a game that has 691,200 pixels isn’t a simple challenge.  But if you get high frame rate at 1080p (1920×1080) then I would say you should be fine using the monitor.

All up, I am happy with the monitor and have no regrets in getting it.


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