A World We Never See

I want to dedicate this post to the developers of games.  They will get so much flak from us the public and some of us believe that we have a right, some believe a constitutional right, despite in Australia our constitution is how our government is run and has nothing to do with the people and their rights.  But there are times we don’t get to see everything, where we perhaps fly past it at a great rate of knots eyes on our objective than gawking around to see what is there.  After all it is about the mission isn’t it.

The other day I managed to get onto the Rocket Tram tracks and started running along them.  Despite that my journey to Axial Park on Corellia took a lot longer than it would have on the Rocket Tram, I managed to see this, which flies past when you are on the Rocket Tram.

swtor 2013-10-27 12-34-56-81

Everything is in there, like it would have been had the players been able to go down into that area and fight mobs complete missions.  It isn’t spectacular but considering they never meant for people to do anything other than zoom past on the tram they have put in a fair bit of detail when they didn’t need to.  So, to all of the developers out there who build their games and add detail in there that they don’t need to.  This is a big thumbs up for you.


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