I Forgot it was Coming

imageNaNoWriMo, it rolls of the tongue far better than it does off the fingers and onto the keyboard, and I believe this is the exact way that many who might be trying to undertake this feat feel when it comes to writing a novel.  I have tried many a year to attempt this, started and stopped because;

  • I forgot what I was writing about
  • I felt it sucked and couldn’t bare the shame of finishing something do terrible (especially since I will mock publically released terrible things, especially works of fiction, check this bad boy out.)
  • I forgot to start (This was an interesting one, I got myself all worked up, was ready to start my writing, I woke up, had some bacon and eggs, turned the telly one and did squat, repeat times 30 and you will get what happened for the month of November, though bacon and eggs for a whole month sounds more like heaven)
  • Started and stopped, lost mojo
  • Life intervened

There are many others but suffice to say I have attempt to do a NaNoWriMo for about 10 years and each time I have started and never completed or never started for any number of reasons.

Which is it that might cause concern?  The 30 days, the 50,00 words.  Well some who read my Long Reads (Though I thought I wrote longer ones than these), and then also work colleagues who have seen any number of documents have seen that I can write, 50,000 words in a pinch, certainly on any topic I feel any level of passion about or have any great understanding of.

So, starting in Friday, 1 November 2013 I would begin that ever fateful trip down the lane of the National Novel Writing Month, so write a novel;

An extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story.

I have many extended pieces of fictional work laying around the place, I have a folder on my flash drive, with about 40 or so folders of screenplay ideas (some are brilliant, others, well let me say that they be novels I would start to write and stop, see point 2 above for excuse).  Or should I start something completely different, I have many an idea floating around in my head.

There is one thing that has crossed my mind, crossed mind you and nothing more.  That I post each day the writings I have done, put up the 1,667 words or so up online for the ridicule of the world and certainly like putting my old fella’ onto a chopping block waiting for the inevitable to happen and wait for criticism on my creative work.  This is where I grit my teeth, sweat bullets, shit a brick, or any other metaphor for stressing out over waiting for the words come, “ I thought it was gooood, but…”  Yes, the precursor to the beating to death with foam bats, that long drawn out good the pause that seems to last as long as takes for the Milky Way to revolve once and the but tells you that the first part was to help soften the hit from the 20 car freight train coming in the but.

There has been various pieces of information I have gleaned from days of yore.  In those I speak of when I was able to write fiction with a great deal of aplomb and often thought of new stories while sitting precariously perched performing one of life’s daily duties, but today it seems a little hard and harder (much like one of life’s daily duties, perhaps more fibre).  Often the best writing comes when done in short bursts, 5 or 10 minute stints, helps keep the mind clear and enables you then also focus on any task at hand, thereafter.

These short stints are there to stop writers block since it often comes when labouring over the work for hours and hours on end, stop boredom with the project which I am sure many of us do if we aren’t liking the story and at the end of the 30 days, having done max 10 minutes a day you have only done 5 hours of writing, which isn’t too bad considering how many terribly movies have you sat through, time you will never get back and who can say, I wrote a novel in 5 hours, a good boasting point then.

So some quick states, if you write 50,000 as the task suggests, that is 1667 words in a day, which means you need to look at how fast one can type, me, it is 30 words a minute, well I could possibly do more than that, but since I am not really counting then it is difficult to know.  Then workout how many words a minute you need to write.  If I write 30 words a minute I will then write 300 words in 10 minutes which means I will need about 5, 10 minute sessions a day to cover my allotted 1667 words a day. 

So, I will ponder on it for another day, finish a small piece of software I am writing for the occasion (a timer for Windows Live Writer) to help me keep track on my short stints to prevent me from being bored and then come Friday we will see what I can possibly do to make this year the year I finally get my fingers to finish that novel.  Since in the end it is really my fingers that do it, not my mind, always my fingers.

Just for the record, this rambling of me writing 50,000 words, or possibly 50,00 words, since I haven’t said yes yet, managed to reach the heady heights of nearly 1000 words, strange that when I don’t put my mind to it, how many words I can really write.


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