NaNoWriMo–Tomorrow… But Something Dreaded is on the Eve

EscherHandsNow, I have my timer running, while I am writing this using Windows Live Writer and I will see how well I can go with a clock running.  So, The National Novel Writers Month is going to be tomorrow, but today is Halloween, yikes, though in Australia this is becoming a more and more common where people go out and trick or treat.  When I grew in the days before being driven to school, potential paedophiles around every conceivable corner and that dreaded iPhone that seems to be in so many people’s hands (now mine, though it is only for work), Halloween was something that you saw in TV shows that came from America, but like many things from American it permeates its way through western culture like a culture does and it is becoming bigger and bigger, I personally think it is a push from the retailers to have yet another excuse to make us buy something, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas.  Why is Father’s day smaller, well it is only partially as important as the others.  And Certainly as soon as dawn breaks on the First Sunday in September (Australia) that the shops are pulling out their Christmas decorations.   Halloween sits right in the middle there and I believe that so many people who are following this newest of new traditions fail to understand the why it is celebrated at all.

So, like all good Australian Government Ministers wanting to do quality research on Climate Change, head to Wikipedia and just put a meaning of it.

It is typically a festival to celebrate the eve of the end of Summer or All Hallows Day (or Holy Day).  Much of these origins from either the Romanic Christians to the previous Celtic religions that existed prior to any Roman invasion.  I am unaware of exactly where the dressing up like scary beings, ghosts, souls etc… started exactly, some believe that it was a mainly Christian influence on these, as it represents the souls who are in purgatory as a means of representing those who can’t be there.  The bells toll  for those who are in this transitive place as to provide them solace (in a place of punishment) to know they are being remembered.  Or something or such.

The pagan roots are in there as well, but I am unable to find a great deal of information other than it representing the oncoming of Winter, being often the darkest part (shortest daylight), also where no much in terms of harvestable produce can grow.  So to celebrate the last of the Autumn Harvest a great feast is to be head.   But there is a lot of cross pollination of some of the Pagan and Gaelic traditions with some traditions with the Christian versions and vice versa and like any good chain whispering that is passed along that starts out being “Start the Engine, Pass it on” to “Nan on a Pension, suck my dong” there might be truth in all or none at all.

Back to the words of the moment, the 50,000 pending words which begins 1 November 2013, I had a brief think about some ideas for a story, one about something happening on the Trans-Siberian Railway, what I am unsure another idea I have toying with is something less adventurous bit more bold as it touches a controversial topic to many, well possibly to about 99% of many in the world (I am unsure of the factuality of the stats on that).  Perhaps I could cross them over too, but my mind is there, that I will attempt to do this, yet again, perhaps this time to finish, or to come up with a new excuse, a different one, I have never used the Dog ate my homework since my dogs seem more interested in eating food and even if I were to spread my homework in Peanut Butter I think all that would happen is I would have a wet, peanut smelling homework, plus how do you convince a dog to each a computer, shoes are one thing, aluminium encased laptops are another, and certainly my dog will not eat fruit, see Apple not everyone finds your devices appetising , no matter how much I make it doggy palatable.

So, “The night was…” a line that can begin so much and yet frustrate you if that is the path you take.  Because the guy in hat looks at the other guy in the hat and they know they want the same thing as the guy in the hat asks coyly as to why the other guy in the hat is staring at him.

So, remember a “Writer writes, always”


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