Windows Live Writer Reference Plug-in


You might think that I have been busy of late but in reality I have been really just cleaning some things up.  But that said, I now present the Windows Live Writer Reference Plug-in.  There are some small things that I need to include with it but it can look up a word you type in there, provide the term, part of speech, the definition and any examples it may have.

The reference plug-in will also take a selected word from the document and find the definition for that.

This has been a feature I have liked in Microsoft Word and there has been many instances where I have to open a new browser window and type in the search, this will help, especially if I am trying to find the specific word from my post.

Currently it uses the Stand4 web API.  So my goal is to enable further integration of this API to include translations, then to also enable the pasting back of that translated text into the blog post if required.

There is also a desire to add more APIs as I get more, currently I am able to use this API without many problems and it was by far the most simple one to implement without the need of jumping through copious hoops.

Before anyone can ask me about providing them with a copy of this plug-in I will need to fix a link onto the form to make sure that it works because currently it isn’t working.

If there are additional features you might want to see in this, please let me know and I will see what I can do about it.  Once I have fixed the link I will provide an updated post about this and then enable you to ask for it.


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