2014, It Has Started

GFI264-Calendar2013 is now behind us.  2013 was certainly my most prolific year of posting and I would like to wish all followers a very happy new year for 2014.  With that said I am hoping that 2014 will improve my posting again, with my goal to get more information out there when I can.

Throughout last year I started a great many posts than I ever posted online, I am sure that I am not the only one.  Even now as I write this, in the morning of my first day back at work since the Christmas break I am loath to post this, as it is a nonsensical post that is more a dump of my current thoughts than anything.

So I figured I will start getting more into more of the same.  Expanding the information on SWTOR and perhaps include LOTRO as well as I get more and more into the game.  I will expand more on the comparisons between SWTOR, WOW and LOTRO and more from an acronym perspective.  More programming tips as well.  I have a document floating around which has a number of good tips I have gathered throughout the years I might include them and more.

I am also looking at a few beginning posts on learning new languages (computer programming languages).  I will also expand on some current posts about my sporting favourites or baseball and rugby league. 

A change of theme will also come into play, am still trying to find that perfect one that somehow explains me, in more ways than one but is also readable and provides the information I intend to display there without causing too much strain on the eye.  Well that is the goal.

I will maintain my style of writing, this is because it is more to do with the way the information  dump from my head into my fingers and then to the keyboard.  To change it to a more formal style would just take me longer to write blogs, and some of them as people know can be lengthy and to increase the time I take to write those posts will only increase the time it takes for you to read them.

So, the time has come, a goal to post more often about more things in the hopes to make things in the world of tech easier, to provide information about subjects which I have little information about and wish to impart more (and learn more too) and also there might be the occasional post about information I have no clue about.

Have a great new year to those readers and various weblings.


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