An Occasion to Share


This is such an occasion I felt i needed to share this.  I have finally, though banging my head on the desk questioning why someone did this in a particular way I have ridded myself of the crap warnings, errors and information presented to me.

I could have turned a blind eye to this and turned the warning off for things like assumed objects and use of obsolete methods, non-CLS compliance member names and the list could go on.  But through my eventual progress I have fixed them.  The code, is better than it was when I received it.

By no means is this perfect, I have never claimed to write perfect code,  My code can be at times not the cleanest in some regards but it is always well documented and it is efficient to the point without sacrificing readability.  There is much to do, I am converting each of the pages to be within the HTML5 standard, include all the XML documents with all components, more properly document the code (which means replacing the wonderful titbits I see like;

'ReportID is unnecessary and should be removed
    Public Sub BuildReport _
		ByRef dsReportDefinition As ReportDefinitionDataSet, _
		Optional ByVal ReportID As Integer = -1

This is what I deal with, someone has commented it, but ReportID is still there, though, this is not a used feature of the application but it is an example of these comments throughout the application.

So I will continue to plough through all of the remaining clean up items on my list, improve scalability, efficiency from an application performance and a user using it and provide and application I am proud of, which I am thus far considering what I have achieved in such a short space of time.


I should bask in this glory for the moment Smile.


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