Tolerance in the MMO

swtor-logo-256x256World of Warcraft set a very nasty trend in the world of MMOs, though it has been in gaming for sometime, elitism.  In gaming it is specifically the exclusion of those who the “elite” deem unworthy.  This is everywhere in society but for a game that promotes itself as being inclusive for everyone and being social it is incredibly unlike that in reality. 

Why am I bringing this up?  I experienced this to a certain degree last night, a couple of nights ago and I see it in general chat on both Imperial and Republic fleet in SWTOR.  The game released, everyone is on a level playing field and as the game progresses it shows the casual, dedicated and the down right obsessed players as the gap widens.  Free to play launches and a massive influx of new players waddle in, getting feet wet and the gap again widens, like that between rich and poor you start to see the quality of gear difference, money and so on each of these make this gap, and it is there, get wider.



Daily questing on Makeb.  The call goes out to dish out some hurt on the Operation Boss (and unofficial world boss) Golden Fury, Toborro’s “golden” child.  This is an interesting fight, not very difficult but a few things to be mindful of, placement in the fight and so on.  But that is me going off on a tangent. 

The call was for DPS, I put my hand up after checking my gear, it was SM so I wasn’t greatly concerned since I had on average 156 gear (few pieces higher) so I was beyond the recommended gear.  One thing I have never done on any of my toons is stack endurance.

Endurance Stacking

MOST armour comes in 2 flavours, an endurance heavy version and a stat heavy version.  The idea is Tanks can use the endurance heavy version and the others can use the stat heavy, but they are there to mix and match to a personal taste.  My total health on my Mercenary, Bounty Hunter is about 32K, decent, my output for damage is very good, I can output anywhere from about 3K to 10K damage a second based on various circumstances (this is all that it states in MOX).  So.  I am well geared for SM, I have done it before on this guy and feel confident.  Because I don’t stack endurance and look at ways of boosting my power and critical chance and multiplier, to the untrained eye it might seem I am a little under-geared, especially in comparison to to those with 35K, 40K health.

OK, I was in the instance, ready to go and someone invited one too many DPS to the party.  No problem, then I get kicked from the group.  I asked why, they said gear.  OK, I looked at the others and out of the other DPS I had lower Endurance, since they weren’t in the instance they couldn’t inspect my actual gear so it was purely based on endurance.

I told them that and then the one who kicked and invited me is on my ignore list.  To not look at the whole picture and simply look at the amount of health does not mean I am lousy at DPS.  My Sentinel was testament to that simply because I was very picky about where I allocate my points in everything.

Request for Leaving

The next item I have seen for wasn’t as bad as before but it is certainly one of the lower forms of it.  I was running Eternity Vault, Hard Mode and I was working on the Puzzle that happens after you beat Gharj.  Normally I am not the one who is on the Pylon duties.  Reason I have heaps of DPS more often than note and am better to simply attack and not have my time clicking the puzzle.

So, the puzzle was running but suddenly there was a reset in the middle.  Reasons people were complaining about things going to slow.  OK.  Then it came out, those who do not know this, please leave.  An interesting statement considering firstly the Operation was Hard Mode most players were Level 55. 

So, I was told to get into the fray and begin turning the puzzle, that is fine, since I was playing my sniper I was able to still be useful.  But there was another sniper not doing anything in the group and certainly was level 52 so DPS output was far lower than mine. 

We then halted a second time due to the other team being slow but I felt the finger was being pointed at me.  We continued and we got through no wipes.  But the tone of comments, the accusations of not knowing what was going on smacked of this elitism becoming more prevalent.  We continued and strangely when we get up to Soa, the one complaining about not knowing the fight and people should leave, died on the second set of crumbling floors.  Strange no comments were made then.

General Chat

The final element of this elitism case I am putting forward is things seen in general chat.  Guilds posting ads there are not uncommon.  Often each guild I have seen is Causal, Laid Back, etc…, but this one was after highly geared players for all Ops, etc.. will only be allowed if they have gear over a certain level.

I have seen people looking for groups for ops, then requesting saying, please be geared.  Another was asking about wanting to do Dread Fortress, Hard Mode and wanted proof of completion of Story Mode achievement. 

These are now starting to tell me of this once World of Warcraft elitist ways are creeping in more and more, exclusions by way of “my” choices.

It reminds me very much of an old situation I once found myself in when I was first looking for work.  It become a matter that no one would give me a job as I didn’t have the experience, but, how can I ever get experience if no one gives me a job.  So, specifically asking for people who know the fights, who are properly geared places a massive burden on people, why.  How can I work out a fight if I have not run through it, if I go into a fight with other people who don’t know it.  When you have experienced people going into operations to determine the mechanics there are many wipes, as you determine the best time to swap tanks or to kite the tank.


The first time someone goes into fight Soa.  We all went from the western side.  The tank taunts, takes the agro and the fight begins.  The Melee DPS jump into the fray and every else begins the bombardment.  Now, if you don’t know, when Soa’s health reaches a point, he shields himself, which makes him invulnerable to damage and he drops items from the roof which causes the floor to fall away. 

So, if you one of the ranged members of the party in the right location you would be safe and sound, watching your melee counterparts fall to their demise causing a wipe in any doubt.  So, you try again, you manage to escape but now you might wait, only to find the platform you are on also falls away and you have to begin descending down the long way, jumping, healing and so on. 

Then the next platforms and the fight goes.  If you are learning the mechanics you may wipe many times in each fight, costing you lots of money in repairs costs.  So, to then force people to learn the fights with unexperienced people makes it even more difficult, you have one person who knows the fights, you can send through 7 people inexperienced with minimum gear and you will get through with minimum wipes. 

Is there a reason for being elitist, no.  So you were the first ones to complete nightmare mode Eternity vault with no wipes in under 2 hours, were you?  How do you know?  If so, who cares, it seems you could be one of a very small minority who do.  Help teach those who don’t know to reduce those who don’t know.  The more people you can include the more fun you could possibly have.


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  1. It’s unfortunate about your experiences with TC and EV and I do agree with you there.

    However, about the DF HM people asking for SM experience, I have a different point of view.

    I have led many a PUG operation on these raids. Even in SM, esp in 16-man, there are invariably people who are unaware of mechanics and/or under-geared and/or stand in stupid. Effectively, these people are being carried by the rest of the group. I fail to see why someone will turn up to a 16-man operation without reading up on it, watching some videos and mention clearly that they are new and want instructions. Such folks are, of course, the ones who never join the voice chat so that they can be given clear instructions.

    All this just for SM. HM is much harder and it is usually not possible to carry people. The second boss in DF requires each player (in 8-man) to do a specific role. One person not doing his job? wipe. The DPS checks on those fights are high due to tight enrage timers. Folks asking for people to join in don’t want to waste their time and repair bills teaching or carrying people who have never even done SM through HM content. Can you blame them?

    Finally, if you want to experience HM content in a teaching atmosphere: join a good guild. This is the best way for new or semi-casual players to get acquainted with the mechanics in a friendly atmosphere.

    Hope this gives you another perspective.

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