Delays for Galactic Strongholds, but Great.

swtor-logo-256x2561I have a SWTOR post, this one is information on a new release in SWTOR called Galactic Strongholds.  This was set for release in June, but through I am sure the increase in complexity, they have removed it from the 2.8 release which will still contain a host of fixes, include the Nightmare Mode Dread Palace.  So now in August 19 2014 will see the release of 2.9 Galactic Strongholds.  The official news article, Producer Letter – Galactic Strongholds

A Home away from Home

So, many MMOs have had housing, and now, SWTOR is no different.  Our ship was once considered the home we had it had mailbox, guild bank, cargo hold, GTN access and training dummies (if you unlocked the legacy items).  But, there seemed to be something cold about this.  We are all earth bound creatures so having terra-firma underfoot gives a sense of belonging.  So, housing, sorry, strongholds will hopefully give us that feel and like so many homes in MMOs we will be able to make it our own.

  • Access to the strongholds on Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant and Dromund Kaas
Planet - Nar Shaddaa Planet - Coruscant Planet - Dromund Kaas
  • Legacy Storage
    This is one of my personal favourites.  I like the crafting in SWTOR, but I have 9 level 55 characters catering to a wide range of crafting, gathering and mission skills.  You get your alts to gather, get rewards for missions then, put it into the Legacy Storage facility, and hopefully, any player of your legacy with a crafting ability can use those materials without using their own cargo hold.
  • Prestige
    Unsure what this is, but to have this displayed for all to see.  This will have links to the Cartel Market, maybe.  Unsure at this stage, could also be based on the decorations and the quality used within the stronghold.  Which could lead to ultra rare decorations being dropped by bosses from Operations, Hard Mode and Nightmare Mode.
  • Decorations
    I believe this will operate like reputation trophies, in your daily questing you will receive potential decorations, they will have some available on the Cartel Market and also within pack from the Cartel Markets.  Bosses will possibly drop the rarest and more prestigious of the lot.
  • Guild Flagships
    The republic guilds have available the Valor (or Valour) class cruiser.  The Empire gets the mainstay of the Imperial fleet, the Harrower class Dreadnaught.

These were the initial announcements, but due to the delay a few more things were revealed and I am sure this got a lot of people salivating at the prospect.

  • Conquest Events – These are PvE based events according to Eric Musco on the SWTOR forums, see below.  “Conquering a planet is done through completion of Conquest Events, which are PvE Missions.”  Sound interesting am wanting to know more about these.
  • Strongholds are legacy wide, not a single character thing.  Which gives more credibility to the whole Legacy advancement.  There are good things and I am also thinking that some unlocks in the stronghold will be dependant on legacy level as well.
  • Flagships, will enable buffs to their members while down on a planet they are orbiting.  Transport the entire groups of peoples to coordinates and also perform the Conquest events, massive guild PvE events which based on similar to I am sure the stronghold ones but provide benefits to the guild.
  • You will be able to quick travel to your stronghold at any time, just like quick travel now, and subscribers might have options to quick travel back to the previous location, great for emptying the inventory into the legacy storage.

So, much to look forward to, but looking at answers given my Eric Musco in the forums, see below, means we have some more information to give.

“We want Flagships to be something that Guilds strive to acquire”

So this means it is going to cost a lot of money, one of the first missions will be to secure a flagship, though a conquest event, that will require an 8 or 16 man operations of sorts (which would be good).

Having guilds conquering planets.  There will be Leader board which will list the guilds.  Based on the points earned in the conquest missions will place the guild onto this board, and therefore if you are at the top, you have conquered the planet and will receive special perks and rewards, possibly like the ranked PvP perks.  Things like titles, decorations for the stronghold to show off that you have conquered the planet.

So, what is this going to do.  It is expand the game greatly and I am sure many people playing are looking forward to it.  But, on a guild point this looks like a have and have not situation, I will explain.

Current we have a top set of guilds, they are the ones, on the public test servers (when available), trialling the new operation mechanics.  When the time comes, the operation is live, they can do it, almost beat it in one, and they can start farming for the best gear.

Dependant on the missions involved (if any) on getting the capital ship for the guild, or even if it is money, these top guilds will often have millions of credits at their disposal.  They get the ship, they can enter orbit and complete the conquest missions first, get the points, get the buffs, etc…  We have a situation here that for anyone else trying to get over this hill would require a mammoth task.  The top guilds only will have the ability to get there and stay there.  I know what you are saying, if they are the first, they are the best, they deserve to be there.

I do not argue any point in that.  I simply say that it is going to cause a disparity as it does now.  More details will have to come out about these and what effect they will have, good bad or indifferent.  In many ways we are going through this in the Australian economy, haves and have nots.  But at least you don’t need to be a homeless bum sleeping the streets of Dromund Kaas, waiting for some upstart sith to attempt to kill you for sport. 


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