A Long Time Coming

Last night, was the first time in a VERY long time where I came up with a story idea that I feel is fairly decent and would be turned into a very good script.  The second element of my amazement is with this story it is also one that would be EASY to film.  Could I be getting my film mojo back, I will wait until I say “Action” on the first shot before I write anything to the extent of having my mojo back.

What makes this more refreshing than some of the ideas I have come up with before and there have been a couple is, the tone of it.  It seems to have a very real aspect from within, not anything I have done, want to do, but it is also a product of the nature of the mind having been altered chemically and its need to accommodate the changes in chemistry to make up any shortfall, as a consequence I have come up with a VERY dark and VERY disturbing story that for someone who might know me might be very curious where it has come from.


Much is unknown about the mind of humans less about any one person.  Like the ocean and there is many areas that show everything from the surface and others are so deep, covered by the darkness that lurks and hides things that are sometimes best to remain hidden.

That said I will expand on this story as I feel I have the first 1 ½ to 2 acts of the story very briefly outlined.  And I know with the help of my writing friend, I will have the last part finished and be on my way to writing the script.  More and more elements are coming together there is a spark which show the light, I will speak with another friend who is an actor if she would be interested in playing a part in it. 

I am a long way from ever getting things together but I feel I am a lot closer to that than I have ever been in a very long time.


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