Why the Hatred?

swtor-logo-256x2561OK, this is a strange post.  Many who might read my writings would see that I play SWTOR, many would also see that I write that at the top of posts that are a little bit of a social commentary about something in game.  Recently in the game there was a bug that enabled players to receive free rewards without the need of completing the content.

Operations are large scale battles between a boss and a number of people with a goal to take down the boss.  Each operation has 4 or 5 bosses and any number of mini bosses.  At the end of the fight you receive reward in the form of Credits, Commendations and a random dice roll on allocation on new gear and crafting materials.

I have done many operations, many bosses over my time in the game.  You can only do one operation boss once per week.  With 8 or 16 people partaking in the madness the chances of getting something of worth from these operations is low.  Below is a video of me in a boss fight just to show you what can go on.

Dreadtooth on Nightmare difficulty. (24 person)

So an 8 man fight gives the change of getting 1 piece of gear, so that is a 1 in 8 chance.  Some might say that is OK.  Then there is a Need/Greed system in which those who need are give precedence over those who greed, but there are some who take no heed and just need on everything.

Over the time of me completing operations I have rarely received gear for it, bits and pieces here and there and the way I have had to gear up my characters has been with commendations which isn’t as good as earning it in operations.

So that is the prologue to all of this.  This exploit enable people to get the gear from the last boss without needing to do the boss, people thought it was a win, win.  They received the gear alone, no need with the competition.  You could only do this once per week.  This post isn’t about the bug that enabled people to exploit the mechanic of the game it isn’t about the people who used the exploit, it is about those who want nothing but extreme prejudice taken against those who exploited.

Here is some quotes from players who are reacting to the information regarding the response to the exploit;

  • i hope they do perma ban you, people like you are the problem with this game.
  • All I see up there is “It’s Bioware’s fault I exploited.” If you get banned, good riddance.
  • Ban them, ban them all.
  • Cheating has become a national pastime, it seems, and morals are so relaxed nobody can see the line anymore. Makes me sick.

Also there is 1730 replies to this post in the forums.  Many people have many views but I am wanting to know why is there so much hate.  There are large grey areas when it comes to using bugs to gain advantage, many people will and do argue this very topic and to many some might find the temptation just too great. 

So, firstly I can say those who are crying for blood to be spilled or;


Them to be burned , why?  Is it because of the advantage they gained, or is it a because I didn’t get it no one should therefore those who did should be banned.

Many who stand the moral high ground in this issue say, it is a choice, you chose not to, I chose to do it, I therefore am more pious than thou and therefore I should bring down the wrath.

This situation reminds me very much of the drugs in sport.  Professional athletes using any methods, legal and not legal to get the most from their bodies to excel in their chosen field.  Those who stand the moral high ground are once again saying if I don’t need to do it, therefore you don’t.  But we have, throughout our lives been subjected to choices some innocuous others not so, some have no consequence other have tremendous consequences or worse.

“This is a video game”  I hear, but people take various aspects of their lives very different do the screaming fans of a sporting club any different to those who push themselves to run personal marathons on a weekly basis even if they do not partake in them.Collingwood_Fans_Port_Adelaide_Finals_628

What I find in these cases is how many of those calling for blood on those who exploited the game, that a game is fun and cheating isn’t fun must fail to see the irony of being all serious of a matter that is, in the grand scheme of things very trivial.

Was it wrong?  Yes.  Should they have done it?  No.  They did, the developers know who did and who gained from it.  But the developers, when or if they hand out the punishment will not make any comment on it other than “we have decided the fate of those who we deemed, gained the greatest advantage from enacting on this exploit.”  They will not say, we have banned them for x days, week or permanently, nope and I am sure that the pitch forks won’t go away until they are satisfied that those who did wrong have suffered.

If they find it was a temp ban it will never be long enough and they will redirect the pitch forks in the direction of BioWare and EA for failing them.  These people will never be happy until their idea of sufficient punishment has been served and then, what next…  Will there be another they can point their rage at, someone else to go after someone who might be more innocent and less deserving of the ire of the mob.

There is a saying, “to err is human” which says, we all make mistakes and I am sure anyone who has been caught speeding will complain that they were only going just over a little or it was unfair.  I know I have been targeted by the unfair machinations of the public revenue machine that is speed camera offences. But each time, I pay my fine, cope the demerit points and carry on my life, just as well we don’t have those righteous coming out over those who speed should be locked up for life in gaol.  Thankfully.


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