Absolutely Nothing

WritingWell I can say my mind has done it again.  In the vain hopes of trying to explain the reason and rationale of my mind in the coming off of anti-depressants, it seems that I had planned, or at least thought of a direction to which it might go, within a moment between getting my coffee, reading about the what goes through our ever increasingly inept Prime Minister (and be very thankful that I don’t start posting blogs regarding politics as the current state of it within Australia has very much made my goat, get up and walk away in absolute disgusts as just so much as gotten on him in recent times.), the thought has gone and right now, as I type this my mind is a blank.

It is true, for that moment if anyone were to ask what I am thinking, I can say “nothing” and really mean it, as even those who might think I am thinking enough to get the words from my head onto the the screen I would say even this is struggle as you do not get to see the copious amount of backspace abuse taken to this keyboard.

It is even making writing this tremendously difficult and therefore while I sit here at work writing what code I can (which I can say is one of the more difficult tasks to undertake when your mind is failing to do one of its jobs).  I am going to have to end this here, I know it is a very short post but it is not for wanting to type more but it is failing to produce, which from someone who’s product has always spoken louder than my will to do so, creates an unnerving sense of failure (which in some of my current thought processes isn’t hard to do.)


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