MikeElliIsaacI am Michael, this was going to be for the 2 Michael’s but it seems that most of the information provided within has been from me.  I am an Analyst/Programmer, Ex- Baseball player, video game aficionado, writing enthusiast and all round nice guy.

I have two wonderful boys who seem to, occupy more time that I ever expected and want to occupy even more time than I am able to give and the oldest one is just waiting until he can play Star War: The Old Republic with me.  He will be playing a Bounty Hunter that looks Mandalorian.  I live on the only Island Continent in the world with some of the deadliest creatures in the world.

I am one of a rare breed of players who is more than happy to help anyone who asks, but that is the key, invite me to a group without asking, even if your are close to the Black Talon or Esseless flashpoint entrance, and you will find me decline.  Ask, and I will be happy to.  I am more than happy to give free stuff away I don’t need and if someone really wants something I am more than happy to go out of my way to get it.  If I am an active member of a guild, you will find out.

Bausha, Maanol and Baooshaa are my mains on The Harbinger server come on and ask for help or advice when I am on, you will find I am happy to help.  So come join me in game.


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