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We all have them, which doesn’t mean they are right to anyone else other than you.  I am not like Andrew Bolt who, despite evidence and even of a judicial nature spruiks opinions like they are fact. 


I will take you on a journey into the bizarre and strange.  Where reality ceases to exist and yet there is one thing that might look real but isn’t and they is the mind of Andrew Bolt.

He is a man who I must admire in only as far as he sticks to his guns.  He believes that climate change is the greatest hoax ever to grace the world since Martians were landing.  A man who will use the word Labor (as in the Australian Labor* Part) when he want to insult someone.  A man who has on more than one occasion expressed is intent dislike for dole bludgers and more so if they are not Caucasian.

If I go to more into this I will likely really begin a triad into this man who claims he is a journalist when all he does is seemly have someone dictate his crazy ramblings while he is driving in his expensive car while sitting in Melbourne traffic.  They would make more sense if he was standing on a street corner muttering to himself and dressed in something that hasn’t been washed since the 1960s.

Now I have stopped that little tangent.  As I have said I will, from time to time, to time to time, perhaps go off on a rant, these will include topics I may know a great deal about or virtually nothing, these are the unknown knows right Mr Rumsfeld.  Though the less said about the unknown unknowns the better.

So where I am, raising my hand and admitting that if I put my opinion forth it will be just that my opinion.  I will try and provide cases for them to some degree, like most things I put out there on public record, to a certain extent.  My opinions are my opinions not anyone else’s or are they being promoted as fact, unless of course I am right 🙂 sorry I couldn’t resist. 

* I am aware that in Australia we spell Labor as Labour, as you you go out and perform a hard days labour.  They are meant to support the common person, the people who labour for the backbone of the country.  So, I am unsure why they spelt it incorrectly since it was spelt Labour prior to 1912 and the British Labour Party and the New Zealand Labour Party both were able to get the dictionary out to see how they should spell it, but some reason due to the American “Labor” movement in 1912 is the reason, I am unsure why since the politicians at the time had nothing to do with that.

If that was the reason they changed it, perhaps they should have been pushing that movement to use the correct word Labour.

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