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Windows 8 and Error Code: 0x80073d0a


This was an interesting situation I received.  I had played with the developer preview, then the customer preview of Windows 8.  All of this however was on my laptop, which is configured slightly different to my desktop at home.  I have recently installed Windows 8 on my desktop.  I did the usual things that I would on my Windows 7 configuration.  That said, I didn’t know that it would be the cause of one of my issues.

I logged into the Windows Store to see what free Metro style application I could play with.  They are now called Windows 8 ‘Modern’ application.  These are applications designed only to run in Windows 8.  Though some might work on Windows Phone 8, I am unsure as I haven’t put a lot of research into this yet.

I found a wonderful little application called Music Maker Jam.  I will not get into this, but I had some fun with this imageand have some creations that I will share in another post.  But, since this was free I thought I would give it a go.  I clicked the install button in the Windows Store, it went away and everything seemed OK. 

But the icon on the Start Screen had an x against it and when I clicked it, it told me I couldn’t start the application.  I investigated and it stating the application couldn’t installed as it returned the following Error Code: 0x80073d0a.

Great, of course this lead me to search the internet and I saw a LOT of strange listing about doing strange things, changing the account from Live to local, stating it was a UAC problem, refresh the start screen.  There was however a very simple solution, one I didn’t know think about at the time.

The application failed to install as it wanted to do something with the Windows Firewall, which in my standard desktop configuration was off. 

Why do I have Windows Firewall off?  Because I have a personally configured hardware one, which I feel is a little more secure than the software one in Windows not to mention is also faster.  Since latency is a key for me, if you haven’t noticed with my previous post on the issue.

So, if you are trying to install Windows 8 ‘Modern’ applications, and find they aren’t installing but return the above error code, check the state of your firewall. image

Press ÿ + X

Click Control Panel

 Click Security and Security

Click Windows Firewall

If the firewall is off in this it will display some information regarding its current state.  But the strange issue with it, if you have turned the firewall off, but the service is still running, it will still work.  Why?  My thought is it uses the service to add the application to the allow list, so when the service isn’t running that is when you get the above failures.

If the firewall is off there will be message indicating it so, Click Use Recommended Settings.  Which turns it on.  Remove the application and install them again.

So if you are like me, have a hardware firewall but doesn’t like the idea of having the Windows Firewall using up resources and monitoring network packets, but still want to use Windows RT applications that want to be added to be allowed through the firewall, I am afraid that you will need to either manually enable the firewall when you come across the problem or to have it on. 

It is a bit of a pain, but for the majority of people this will not be an issue.