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The centre of the Republic, home of the Senate and one of the homes, certainly in the latter years, the home of the Jedi Order.  Very near the galactic core it is one of the Coruscantmain central hubs for all trade routes.  The entire surface is a massive super city.  But like other world spanning cities, there is more to this planet.  Deep in the under city crime and an underworld thrive away from the prying eyes of much of the Senate, though some do like to get contributions from members there. 

Any natural water that was on the surface is long gone.  So long ago has it been gone, that a man made sea was built and dotted with artificial islands to cater for tourists wanting to see Galactic City.

Coruscant has a lot of artifical lights but an elaborate system of orbiting mirrors and other mirrors reflect the light from Coruscant Prime to enable the citizens below the main city structures to receive enough light to enable them to distinguish between night and day.

The city has more than a trillion inhabitants, and that is all the ones they know of.  There is possibly billions more that are unknown not wanting to be found.