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Iconic Meanings

This is a quick post about some of the information I will be posting about.  If I am writing about one of the languages I know I will be heading it with an icon representing the file icon within Windows Explorer.  Below is the list and the details for them.


Assembly Language

This is one of the languages I first dealt within my life as a programmer, it is the one I know the second most about.  I have already put some posts up there about assembly but I plan on expanding my understanding of it, showing ways it can be used and as far as RAW power, nothing other than direct machine op/micro-op codes can be beaten.



This bad boy of the programming scene should need no introductions.  C++ has been the go to language for developing high performance applications or systems where lower level kernel programming was required.  Everything from games to Smart Phone applications have been developed using this, and much of Windows was written using C++ (though some still use assembly). 



The new kid on the block but certainly has become a favourite in many circles and seems to be the default language for using the .NET framework with.  It has the versatility and ability to get down and dirty if needed but has some very high level inclusion that you see in what that call “Kiddy1” languages.


Visual Basic

I have been using Visual Basic since version 3 (yikes has it been that long) it might be a language I don’t program much in any more, but not because C# is better.  I will have a fondness in my heart for Visual Basic always and will always include information and advancements on VB.



Last and not least is SQL.  A language I struggled with in my uni days, possibly being bombarded with Z Specification Language before learning SQL made my mind numb.  But know, I am able to write nice, high performance SQL Code and know what I am writing.

So, these will show items that are specific for the languages.  There might be posts that I cover a great deal of different languages.  I am still tossing up if I use the icon for the main language or include all of them.  I will work it out.  But it will be clear what I am addressing for these languages.

I also write about a great many things.  SWTOR being one I write a great many things about.  So, I will also use this icon scheme where I can for other topics I talk about.  But it will be on a post by post basis.

Will I also go back and change the icons I have done for previous posts, the answer is?  Yes.

  1. “Kiddy” languages is a reference I have heard to what people used to call Basic, then Visual Basic.  It wasn’t object oriented or wasn’t this or that, it couldn’t do this, or do that.  It was a language often seen by the elitist programmers who exclusively dealt with Cobol, Fortran, C++ that VB was not a real programming language.  But the ever expansion of what could be done in VB was growing with each release and the popularity of Visual Basic grew as it become the most popular language for business applications (which one would say was market share). 

    It now has full Object Oriented set it can still be used procedurally if required, the bringing in of these new paradigms didn’t change the way the language was written.  I would say long from the origins of BASIC, Visual Basic has become a mainstay and certainly has deserved its place to line up with C# and C++ as a language usable with the .NET Framework.


2014, It Has Started

GFI264-Calendar2013 is now behind us.  2013 was certainly my most prolific year of posting and I would like to wish all followers a very happy new year for 2014.  With that said I am hoping that 2014 will improve my posting again, with my goal to get more information out there when I can.

Throughout last year I started a great many posts than I ever posted online, I am sure that I am not the only one.  Even now as I write this, in the morning of my first day back at work since the Christmas break I am loath to post this, as it is a nonsensical post that is more a dump of my current thoughts than anything.

So I figured I will start getting more into more of the same.  Expanding the information on SWTOR and perhaps include LOTRO as well as I get more and more into the game.  I will expand more on the comparisons between SWTOR, WOW and LOTRO and more from an acronym perspective.  More programming tips as well.  I have a document floating around which has a number of good tips I have gathered throughout the years I might include them and more.

I am also looking at a few beginning posts on learning new languages (computer programming languages).  I will also expand on some current posts about my sporting favourites or baseball and rugby league. 

A change of theme will also come into play, am still trying to find that perfect one that somehow explains me, in more ways than one but is also readable and provides the information I intend to display there without causing too much strain on the eye.  Well that is the goal.

I will maintain my style of writing, this is because it is more to do with the way the information  dump from my head into my fingers and then to the keyboard.  To change it to a more formal style would just take me longer to write blogs, and some of them as people know can be lengthy and to increase the time I take to write those posts will only increase the time it takes for you to read them.

So, the time has come, a goal to post more often about more things in the hopes to make things in the world of tech easier, to provide information about subjects which I have little information about and wish to impart more (and learn more too) and also there might be the occasional post about information I have no clue about.

Have a great new year to those readers and various weblings.

Does it have the look?

This is a small curious piece.  I am trying to find the perfect theme for my blog.  As you can see, well, mmm, ummm.  How can I say this because you will be reading this with the currently selected theme so it will not make a lot of sense.

This was my original theme.


I felt it worked for the moment, and in some ways it still does.  I find the problem with this is no so much the look of the theme but the colours of some of the words.  The word recently… is difficult to see due to the background it sits on.

My current theme looks like a bound leather piece I like it, but it doesn’t fit the technological nature of the posts.

image Does provide a clean feel, text is easy to read and is simple in its layout. 

So now, I am wondering through the plethora of themes available to me, trying to find one that fits, enable me to express myself and something that is me.

I am a developer, I COULD decide to create one.  But I am not a designer and therefore it would be functional but not pleasing to the eye.

image I like this one.  Simple in nature, but the Tagline, mmm.  Not a good look, OK if it is short, but not so with mine.  pass.

A difficult choice with this is picking something I like, but something that is easy to read for those who are reading it.


Nice but a little bland and busy in my eyes.  It is however something I like, would prefer it if it had more whitespace.

image There is something nice about it but like the one above it lacks colour and punch.  I like it but not so much so that I want it there for any length of time.

image Colour is there, which I think helps.  See the difference between this one and the one above, it is very similar yet with the blue this one is more appealing, well to me it is.

image I kind of like it.  But it really doesn’t make use of available space.  It is hard enough to write and include pictures for themes of certain widths when I had them, but this seems to be really squashing things.  Though I like it more than the others I have placed here, though I would change that banner image.

I do not like themes that mix the pages with the categories.  I have too many categories to have them fit nicely across the page.  One might say I need to provide some austerity measures to my categories.  But I like them and I will keep them that way.  Force it upon me and I will take to the streets as in Greece.

image Interesting,  I am not sure how I feel…

image I nice wide format, but I dislike reading black background with white text, it is hard on the eyes and I feel it leaves patterns I can still see ages after I have read it.

I am up to the Ms in the A-Z list of themes.

image That is just truly awful, it isn’t merely someone trying to do a cure take on it but should have at least put more effort into the formatting of it to make sure there isn’t too much of one thing.

image There is a lot of room for the articles, and if you buy it, it will come with the ability to modify the colours.

image I prefer that to the all blue, and if so, and dependant on the cost, is the winner thus far.

image Rounded corners, I am not sure the Apple legal department has seen this one as they might claim it infringes on their patent for a rectangle with rounded corners, pushed the envelope of innovation they are.

image I like it.  Much room to write in.  It is simple.  Provide some icons for social sites.  Interesting.  So far number 1 in my list.  Since the previous number 1 is well not free.  So, having this one costs me nothing, unless I want to mess around with the colours more.

Now I am into the Premium themes.  These cost money therefore I would expect them to have a higher level of quality and finish to them.

image The default colours were a little garish but able to modify them and things became a little more subtle.

Well it is done.  I have picked a theme, done some customising and we have my new site look and feel.

image There will need to be some changes to posts to accommodate the slightly reduce editing space, and I will possibly need to remove the search widget (man I really hate that name) from my side bar.

Took better part of a few hours to come up with the ideal look and getting that picture.  For anyone who is curious, that is a picture of the Dune Sea, I will be regularly changing this picture and will provide a special post about it too.