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The Champions – Part 1

Throughout the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic offers many challenges, from the aptly named mobs, some in greater abundance than others, the Strong and Elites, Champions, Boss Champions then World Bosses.  Each offer a greater and greater challenge with even moving into the even more aptly named Hard Mode and Nightmare Modes require more than just well geared players.

Each planet can offer many different challenges but the ones that I will be focusing on are what called unique bosses.  They are more times than now, alone, do not form any quest and are not found in heroic areas, yet these bosses are more challenging than many champions you might come across in the normal travels of running missions, but they are not as hard as the world bosses.

But this post is about these lonely Champions that you might find throughout your journeys throughout the galaxy. 


This first cab of the rank is Taris.  world destroyed when Darth Malik order the destruction by the fleet blockading the planet in search for Bastilla Shan.  The remnants of the planet are what the Republic are trying to rebuild, the Empire seem hell bent on making this job as difficult as possible.

One population that seemed to thrive in this place is the Rakghouls.  A creature that was formed from a disease and cured but then the planet and the cure destroyed.  There is rumour about the cure still existing in some form, but it is as good as gone.  The Rakghouls’ fed on the billions dead from the destruction and the survivors were easy fodder and eventually succumb to the horrible disease.



Jiinan E’ron

Screenshot_2013-04-17_04_25_40_983110An exiled pirate captain, while were they exiled, unsure as to the reasons, but he remained on Taris, holding close to the Republic Resettlement Zone in the Blighted Courtyard.  The man knows how to take care of himself, surrounded by Rakghouls he manages to live quietly up there.

A level 17 with 17535 health and a champion status, which increases not only health but increase amour and other abilities. 

There is nothing special about him other than being a Champion.  If you fight him while actually exploring Taris he does pack a punch so being a couple to help. 

Below is the location of Mr E’ron. 



As you come out of Olaris Spaceport he is located to the left, but you must travel on the main road out of Olaris, contiunue past two sets of Rakgouls out the Gates of Olaris, turn left and follow the sticking to the left path when it splits, come the second turn it will have you travelling West, the path will start to turn North, but you want to divert off the path and head South-West, once around one of the walls, there, turn right and head North.  You will find him against the wall.Screenshot_2013-04-17_04_25_54_815902

Urlos Du’Ram

This is another Champion hiding out in the Taris reconstruction.  He is deep within the Tularan Marshes in the Forgotten Undercity.

Screenshot_2013-04-17_10_17_06_697821He is the physical leader of the Death Claw Pirates, if not in title.  This gang are the one for kidnapping the baby Nexu and driving the parents into a frenzy, which is problematic for any resettlement in the area.

He might have been the one who overthrew Jiinan, but there isn’t much of a record on this happening. 

What is also good about Urlos is there will be a large chest that sometimes spawns behind him.  So there is a chance for better rewards.  He is a level 18 with 18305 health.  Below is an image of him and the large security chest behind him.  He is just a Champion enemy and requires nothing special to beat him, though a couple of extra people to help might not go astray.



As said, Me. Du’Ram is located in the Turlaran Marsh, which is directly east of Olaris Space Port, but a long way east.  The quickest way there is to take a speeder to Brejik’s Run, a small settlement of the east of the Forgotten Undercity.

Once at Brejik’s Run, head west to the Forward Research camp then south through the Abandoned Power Station.

You will need to fight your way pirates, which will not go quietly. 

Urlos is in the southern most tent.  Don’t be too discouraged, if he is there but not the security chest, come back, he respawns quickly enough, wait a few minutes and he will be there with the said chest.



Rakghoul Overlord

The lord of all Rakghouls one might say.  There isn’t much known about this beast, as he is seldom seen.  In actual fact there is little information around about him.  That said I will be as thorough as I possibly can.  He is found in the Abondoned Power Plant, this is not the in the Heroic Area that is to the east of Brejik’s Run.  They are not far from where Urlos Du’Ram is found.


You could also stumble across this champion in one of the multi-stage bonuses that has the final stage within the Abandoned Power Plant.  A level 20 Champion and has the ability to penetrate amour with each attack.  Other than that, bring some friends and they shouldn’t be a problem.


I will say follow the same directions as you did to get to Urlos, but since he is located to the left as you head towards the Abandoned Power Planet, you will want to go inside, which is right down the centre.

Once you are at the entry you will need to take the left path and follow that until you come across a ramp down.  Take the first one you see and turn right 180 degrees at the bottom of the ramp.  They are a massive Rakghoul and you won’t miss them.




The Rakghoul Overlord is as mentioned, seldom seen.  The respawn time on this beast is big.  More than a couple of hours.  So be prepared to wait or check back regularly.  My thoughts on this is a 24 hour timer but when the reset time is, I am unsure.

There is a way around this to a point.  SWTOR uses planet instances to help with the resource management on the server.  These instances are created automatically when the population reaches a given threshold.  If you are on and notice a new instance created, opening the map and noting the number of instances, then when a new one is available, switch to it, Mr. Overlord should be there ready to some pain.



Defeat all three of these unique champions and you get the achievement, Liberator of Taris (Location – Taris – General). 



Jedi Master Berr Irichmin

One of the few Jedi Masters aiding in the protection of the Olaris Spaceport.  There are other Jedi to help the republic efforts but not many masters.  A Jedi Sentinel, can deal decent damage, but it is consisent.

There are a couple of differences between him and some other Champtions that you might face.

image Boss Immunity

That is right he is immune to any stuns or movement impairing effects.  The other is he has some help.  A lot of the previous champions are alone.  He has help, with the aide of


He is a level 35 with 76970 health and Boss Immunity, this alone makes it a tough proposition for solo players.  A good tank player who knows their rotation properly and their healer companion, can possibly solo this.  But a couple in a group will make this fight easier.


Plain and simple, he is standing outside the entrance to the old cantina right near the entrance of the Olaris Spaceport.  They are almost as far west as you can go on the map without entering the spaceport.

Coming out of the Toxic Lake Garrison, head north as opposed to south.  Follow the road and take the turn right once you hit the cross roads.  Follow this path then towards the Republic Resettlement Zone.

Keep following this into Olaris, on the main road into Olaris before your enter the spaceport, turn right and go up the stairs, you will seen see him standing near the door to the old cantina.



A Rakghoul who resembles more of a Nekghoul.  It is found in the Republic Resettlement Zone, Lower City Ruins.  There is a pile of bones so this boss is not unaccustomed to eating his fallen victims, which there are numerous.


Like Berr, this boss also has;

image Boss Immunity

They will also summon various adds throughout the fight, these are weak enemies and the tank must taunt them, they will go for the other players, possibly the healer.  There will be up to 7 of them, and often it is when he transports themselves away from you, they will return to the fight but will look like they are channelling an ability, but there is nothing that can be done, the adds come and they should be destroyed using AOEs is possible.

A level 35 with 107,900 health.  His technique is straight forward, when he disappears he will always go back to the one who is holding the aggro/threat.


Maltok isn’t far from Jedi Master Berr.   Taking a speeder to the Crater Command Base will make this process easier.  The main road that heads north to south along the Crater Command Base, head north, following the road, before it curves to the east, turn off the road and head north-west.


Reclamation Forerunner

A protector droid in one of the Republic reclamation zones.  A droid that aides in the coordination of the other droids on the reclamation project.  Like the other 2 bosses you will face, Maltok and Berr, The Reclamation Forerunner has;

image Boss Immunity

But this boss is what they call a “Tank and Spank” approach.  Has some heavy hitting attacks but nothing out of the ordinary.  No adds are summoned either.  A level 32 with 69590 health.



From the Toxic Lake Garrison, head south and when you meet the main road turn left.  Follow this road until until you reach a Cathar settlement.  You will need to progress through that and up some ramps at the back of the settlement.  Turn left, following that and round the corner.  You will see the entrance to the Overrun Filtration Plant, but the Forerunner is to the right of the entrance.

You will have to get off the main road to go through the Cathar settlement, it is on the right of the road as you are traveling through the Brell Sediment, Southern Shore.






Beating these three Champion bosses will grant you the award of Tyrant of Taris (Locations – Taris – General)


In the next post I will go back to the starting worlds, Tython, Ord Mantell, Korriban and Hutta to look at the lone champions on those planets and the achievements for them.

Why did I start with Taris and not with the starting worlds, simple, I was on Taris hunting these bosses and waiting for the infamous Rakghoul Overlord, is infrequent spawning made me realise I should post on this not to mention there isn’t a lot of information about these not oft loved bosses.


Special thanks to my friend and fellow guild member for confirming and providing a screenshot of the Rakghoul Overlord.